he was clapping in his head

michael is now in texas. he got there a few hours ago. the last leg of his flight was between vancouver and d/fw and it was a big, ol’ celebration. seems it was the captains last flight. once he got to dallas he was officially retired.

as the plane taxied out at vancouver international airport there were firetrucks lined up spraying water from their cannons at the plane. and everyone on board was clapping. except michael. he didn’t figure that the captain could really hear their clapping being behind the closed and locked cockpit door. so he kept on doing whatever it was he was doing, reading or something and ignoring the party going on around him. and then the flight attendant stopped at his row. and she leaned over and asked the lady sitting next to michael if she was proud of her husband on his last day. that’s when michael started clapping wildly – in his head.

and when the plane landed at d/fw they did it all over again. more water spraying firetruck cannons. more clapping. and still he didn’t clap. and as that wife got off the plane to great her newly retired husband i’m sure she was thinking, “what a tool.”

*just to clarify i would never, ever call my husband a tool.  ever.  those are just the vibes that the wife was sending off.

9 thoughts on “he was clapping in his head

  1. I guess head clapping is better than nothing

    if only some sort of clapping noise could have been heard it would have been great!

  2. well you know, there’s only a limited number of claps in a person. you can’t just go using them up all willy nilly like. what if he needs them for some other, more deserving occasion? sheesh.

    too true. and i do plenty of clap worthy things. and to not clap for one of those could be very bad for him!

  3. to clarify, I mean sheesh woman on plane, how unreasonable of you to send tool vibes, not sheesh to your hubby. I would never sheesh your hubby, of course. goes without saying.

    right-o. got it!!

  4. So funny. And so like a man. I love the new design btw. I don’t know when you do it, I’ve been doing a lot of feed reader lately, but it looks really good.

    mom24, thanks. i’ve been messing with it this week. i’ve been doing the feed reader lately, too. it is very handy!

  5. Hahahaha! A hard man to impress! 😉

    if they’d been offering a free wii or something with each clap, he’d been all over it!! 😀

  6. that is hilarious… he stayed true. i do commend him for that. but, of ALL the people he sat next to…. good one, michael. sounds like a fun flight… michael is hard to impress

    he is a stick to his guns kind of guy. and i thought it was way funny that he was sitting next to her!!

  7. btw, love the new blog look, I’m envious. i’m a web designer (apparently, old school) and not sure how the ‘blog’ design change thing works. granted, haven’t read a lick about it. don’t get me wrong, I know how I or a developer would do it, but just changing a blog… all new to me.

    thanks. the sad truth is i just played around and i’m not sure exactly what i did. but it worked!

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