the rest of us are a tad bit jealous

we dropped michael off at the airport tonight and as we said goodbye we were all eyeing the extra suitcase he’s taking with him. trying to figure out how we could manage to hide in it.

this isn’t his first trip back to america, but the last trip was work related and to california. which is not where we are from. this time he’s headed to dallas. where all of our extended family lives. when we lived in colorado he made this same trip every summer and the rest of us tagged along. he pastors a camp for abused children and while he does that the rest of us visited with friends and family in texas. and i think it’s just hit the four of us (that are left behind) that this has always been a family trip – which has us feeling a tad bit out of sorts. until the past few days i didn’t realize i was bothered by this trip. i haven’t exactly recovered from the rough time we had on our flights here and really had no desire to maybe possibly have that same experience again. but as we waved goodbye it hit me that i really would like to be going with him. i can now understand why the kids have asked me about 80 gabillionjillion times (i’m sure i’ve low-balled that estimate) why can’t they go. when can they go. and i also understand why they aren’t satisfied with my answer of we can’t go because it’s too expensive and i don’t know when they get to go.

we’re telling them summer 2010 right now. but keeping our fingers crossed we can make a visit sooner.


to help this post end on a good note i’ll tell you about the most recent mundane things we found at the grocery store that have us more excited than anyone should be. the other day i found kraft macaroni and cheese. and i cringe when the kids prepare a box, cuz once it’s gone who knows if i’ll find it again. and tonight, on the way home from the airport, a11 and i ran into the store and we found marshmallows!! and then managed to gather up everything else we need to make rice krispie treats. which i will be doing tomorrow!! yum.

9 thoughts on “the rest of us are a tad bit jealous

  1. when you come back are you coming to see me?

    snif snif whimper

    except I don’t have a home now….

    but it must feel good to be homeless, finally!! and florida – we could do florida! 😀

  2. That IS tough. Hell, my family lives within driving distance (8-10 hours) and we still haven’t been back. It’s harder than you think. And sad too.

    thanks. it is harder than we realized it would be

  3. I would freak out without Kraft Mac&Cheese, so I know how big that is!

    Your blog looks fabulous!!!

    it’s been sort of fun to play around with the blog. it can be a real time sucker, too. 🙂 and the mac & cheese has been a godsend. who would of thunk it??

  4. Concur on the blog. Nicely done.

    And yea for the mac and cheese! Did you buy all of it?

    thanks!! and i bought all there was – 6 boxes. and looked yesterday when i was there and no mac & cheese…

  5. I’d be happy to send you a care package if you need anything. I know how rough it can be. I’m staring at my last can of Chef Boyardee Beefaroni right now!

    the kids have forgotten all about spaghetti-os. thank goodness!! i figure whenever we do make that first trip back to the states we will all gain 20 lbs. cuz we don’t miss the healthy stuff. 😀

    and thanks for the offer of a care package. michael should be returning with some goodies, hopefully they will hold us over.

  6. Hi. Villa in Bangkok carries quite a bit of American goodies and I would be more than happy to send anything you need your way–cereal, canned stuff, baking stuff, etc. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if I can help. I remember how lost I felt when I first moved back to Bangkok from St. Louis and kept wondering where they kept the Dr. Pepper!

    dr. pepper, you can get dr. pepper?? we’ve heard that the consulate here has it… a11’s the only one of us who prefers it and she’s coming around to coke. we can get a good deal of what we want here, it’s the odds and ends that get us. and then the things we didn’t think of. cereal is just so expensive that we’re trying to stear the kids away from it…

    thanks so much for the offer – i will definitely keep it in mind.

  7. I was just gonna say there was a store in Bangkok (Villa) that has more than what you’d find in the regular stores, but you lucked out, we NEVER had Mac and Cheese, now that I think of it, I don’t remember having missed it so much, but whenever anyone we knew was taking a trip, often times, they’d be willing to bring a few things back for us. Cereal’s expensive there??? I never thought much of anything was expensive there, but it’s been awhile! You and the kids will be ok, it is hard to be without extended family (and fav junk food) for awhile, but they’ll realize later that they couldn’t have been luckier to have such an amazing experience!!!! I was 11 when I first moved overseas, it was a hard transition, but I’m so happy I was given the opportunity!!!

    i can’t even begin to imagine all the benefits this experience will bring my kids – certainly worth missing out on a few of their favorite foods.

    we’re finding that most imported items are expensive. sometimes that’s just in comparison to other items here, but a lot of times it’s 2 or 3 times more expensive than in the states. that’s what it is with cereal…

  8. Well, we know you will miss bh & we want to assure you that we will try to keep him humble & remind him constantly that he left you guys behind in an effort to make him feel bad but not too bad. We all know it is a good thing that he does. Maybe we can slip a margarita into his suitcase for you.

    it’s okay to make him feel real bad. hope you guys have a great week at camp. it seemed odd not making the trip to texas in our over loaded van. i mean he left here with 2 suitcases and no rubber maid tubs… how will he ever get by??

  9. wow I was gone a week and I missed all the fun stuff! When is mike going to be in dallas?

    it’s never ending here!! and he’s in tx as we speak. leaves for camp today.

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