your friendly neighborhood spiderman

the other night we had a visitor. a visitor who caused all kinds of hullaballoo.

he was ginormous. and scary. really, really scary.

and fast. very, very fast. super duper fast. incredibly fast.

but we knew just who to call. c14 to the rescue. it took that entire can of bug killer to take him out. and just before he took his very last breath he looked at us and with a tear in his eye said – “you may have gotten me, but you’ll never ever get iron man.”

8 thoughts on “your friendly neighborhood spiderman

  1. I almost had a heart attack look ing at that thing .;)

    you and me, both!! the kids thought my reaction was fantastic. i didn’t.

  2. Yuck…scary, scary, scary. That kid is worth his weight in gold! I don’t think I’ll ever be going to Thailand.

    he is most definitely worth his weight in gold and then some!! it is the first big nasty bug we’ve seen. other than the millipedes. they’re big and nasty, too

  3. oh….
    please make it go away!
    that is just too big for me!

    it’s gone. but i still sleep with one eye open 😀

  4. Well, I can’t condone the bug spray, being Buddhist and all, but FAR OUT!!! That is a freakin’ spider!

    i know. i feel bad for the taking of life, but really – it had to go. if we’d put it out it might have come back. and we couldn’t have that 😉

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