same song, second verse

it started with these vaguely familiar words coming from the mouth of one of my kids. “c14’s bleeding, alot.”

so michael and i took off running towards the pool.

and sure enough – he was bleeding. alot. c14, a11 (who begged to go) and i headed off to the hospital.

while i got c14 registered the nurses fast tracked him back through the er. after i finished i headed back to find him. it wasn’t too difficult. we were the only farangs around. several nurses pointed us in the right direction.

in no time he was patient #1.

that’s gross, isn’t it?

and we had a real, life doctor. for real. can’t tell you how good that felt.

and a great suture job. i mean, look how good those stitches are??

and then we were off. in a snap.

9 thoughts on “same song, second verse

  1. Ok, just so you know, when you are visiting the site of foreign countries, I highly recommend staying away from their medical facilities. I’m just sayin’…

    Maybe it was the revenge for the spider…

    the hospital here is pretty good. we’ve been several times. hubby has some nasty ain’t never gonna die ear infection, that he likely got at songkran… and i’ve had a few skin cancers removed. we’ve been quite happy. malaysia, not so much

  2. Monica, Welcome To Parenthood. And, For C14, He Probably Never Noticed But I Have About 10 Different Scars In And Around My EyeBrows.

    There Is A Sharp Bone In My Facial Composition, So When I Played Sand Lot Foot Ball, Or Engaged In Other Not So Smart Activities, They Were Always Being Split Open And Sewn Up.

    We Love You Guys And Are Sorry This Happened.

    Grand Dad

    hey mr. i-love-capital-letters-and-i-can’t-believe-my-daughter-shuns-them, you engaged in not so smart activities?? and you’re just now telling me??

    hope all is good with you and you’re feeling well after the scraping.

  3. OUCH! So glad you had a “real” doctor this time! 🙂

    i know, no where near the stress this time. plus, it is his face…

  4. man, not looking forward to those days. they are coming quickly… ouch. c14 looks brave. old hat type of look.

    he was very brave. didn’t make a noise. of course, me, i’m yelling every 5 seconds, don’t fall asleep, don’t fall asleep. and he replies, “mom, i probably won’t fall asleep while i’m walking!!” 😀

  5. Wow… how did that happen? Glad he didn’t have the back alley doctor again.

    he was coming up out of the pool and just a wee bit too close to the side!

  6. more blood. awesome.
    yay for a real. life. doctor!! sure are going up in the world

    in 14 years we never had to go to the er for stitches. and now, 6 weeks time??!? but at least we did have a real doctor. that’s progress

  7. Glad c14 is ok. Amen for gloves and real doctors. I love the new layout by the way.

    it’s the small things that make us happy – like gloves and qualified medical people 😉

    and thanks!! i’m still playing with the layout, but i’m pretty happy with it

  8. You need to get out of that place now…it seems to bring out the accident proneness in C14!

    surely it’s just a phase?!?

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