cooking muse is m.i.a.


“mom. what’s for dinner?”
this question is a stresser
i’m rarely prepared

used to love to cook
but now cooking muse has gone
she is m.i.a.

everybody’s sick
of spaghetti every night
they want something new

or just different
they each have special requests
recipes from home

some enchiladas?
cost of cheese is outrageous
$10 a pound

three cheese baked ziti?
an oven is required
expensive cheese, too

chicken ‘n’ dumplins?
dumplins can be hard to make
but it can be done

won’t promise today
but sometime in near future
will attempt the dumps

13 thoughts on “cooking muse is m.i.a.

  1. i know your family is missing dream dinners! my family would die if we didnt have them!

    shhh… don’t tell anyone, but there were 8 of those in our freezer when we left co. i told our neighbor across the street to take them. i’m hoping she did.

  2. Great Haiku, Makes me hungry. Cheese is really $10 a pound!? Holy COW!

    yes, it is absolutely outrageous. and my kids love cheese.

  3. I didn’t realize the cheese was so expensive over there. Wow!

    Has hubby come back yet? If not, have him get a really nice toaster oven. I’ve got one that bakes cookies and small casseroles really well. Just a thought.

    he hasn’t left, yet. we’re working on the toaster oven thing. we have one, but it is very small. and 8×8 won’t fit in it. and for our family i need 2 8×8’s. it will all come together – at least that’s what i keep telling the fam

  4. Oh. See, it’s the things we take for granted. You know?

    cheese wasn’t on my original list of things i’d miss… but there’s much that wasn’t 😉

  5. I’m in a cooking slump myself.
    Great original haiku!

    i’m hoping part of the slump is the heat. but that might not be good because i’m not convinced it ever goes away

  6. I do love cooking, but I am not trying to cook for a family or trying to do it where it’s hard to find the right ingredients (I remember that from my Japan days). I’m sure the inspiration will come, eventually. Until then, spaghetti sandwiches aren’t all bad. 🙂

    spaghetti sandwiches – now that’s a twist. might be just different enough to make them think it’s something all new! 🙂

  7. $10/lb–insane! I did not know you didn’t have an oven there. I can’t even imagine. I’d be bringing on the spaghetti!

    I loved your ‘ku. I am getting in such a rut when I meal plan. It’s hard, and I don’t have the limitations you do. Good luck.

    i’ve got to find some good stir fry recipes. it shouldn’t be hard. and the truth is i have some, i just need to try them

  8. Wow … methinks I’d avoid cheese at those prices. I’m often unmotivated when it comes to cooking these days too … but I’m always happy when I get out of the doldrums and make something tasty ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

    me, too. it’s very motivating to hit on something new and different and tasty!! and easy – that’s the bomb

  9. All the girls here are trying to come up with a way to send about 20 # of cheese home with Mike. We will come up with something. You know, where there is a will there is a way. Love, Mom

    maybe he can just ship a small chest freezer!!

  10. i have a way to get the cheese over there safely and i would think reasonably fresh. (learned in England)… let’s see if I remember. (hope your mom reads this or I could call her)…. wrap it in plastic wrap, then foil really thick-like right out of the fridge, bubble-wrap (that was for some steak and kidney pie). probably don’t need the bubble wrap.

    we wanted to bring back cheese from England, but my hubby is all about the ‘rules’. i did manage to bring jam back (already processed) black currant jam.

    dale would freak – cheese $10/lb. one place he probably would live. i think our family would starve. i would manage. i let c1 have a tiny bite of those cheese sticks today and she managed to bite another piece off when I wasn’t ready.

    we’re a bunch of cheese lovers here, too. i’m wondering what the rules are for bringing cheese into thailand…

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