i finished the ball band and because i want to share the illness that my perfectionism can be i’m posting a pic. the mistake is glaring. i wanted to rip it all out and start over. it pains me to look at it.

what do you mean you don’t see the mistake. it’s right here.

see, it’s awful. what? you still don’t see it?

it’s so bad i’m not certain i can let it be used to do the dishes.

but these, these are good. not ball bands, but certainly dish worthy.

5 thoughts on “finished…

  1. Sorry. I STILL can’t see the mistake. At all!
    And remind me to NEVER post pictures of the blankets I crocheted. 😉

    i would never have noticed the error on anyone elses knitting. and my husband thinks i’m nutty cuz he thinks it’s nothing. and it’s not only nothing. it’s nothing on a dish cloth!! see, it’s an illness

  2. you crack me up!!! Miss OCMonica (as there is a OCDale). btw, what was that knitting site you told me about last week? i want to do more than ONE design on dishclothes?! or do you have a couple of these patterns you can send me?

    i think they are beautiful. you would hate my beginner’s work! ;^)

    i had a lesson at our local knitting shop yesterday. and, she didn’t laugh at my beginner’s progress!

    in no time yours will look fantastic!! my first attempts, well, they were not so pretty. and i don’t mean in my perfectionist kind of way. i mean in they were for real some not so good dishcloths… but practice makes perfect

  3. i also cant see the mistake! such a perfectionist. my dishrags are horrible i only wish they were that pretty. you always were the crafty one, I have none of that in my blood!

    no, but you are a bit more organized than i am. i would never attempt a gala – never, ever

  4. OMG! How can you live with yourself? The shame you are bringing upon you family is just beyond imagining! Just kidding. 🙂

    But the new graphics on the sidebar are way cool. So I guess I’ll forgive you.

    And, maybe this is somewhere else and I haven’t gotten to it yet, but what is a “ball band” anyway?

    ball band is the pattern for the dishrag. and i know the shame i have brought on my family is great. but really, i’m sure this is the least of it :D!!

  5. Omg its to pretty for a dishrag!

    i’m secretly considering making ton of them and combining then imto some sort of blanket…

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