5 thoughts on “6 months ago today

  1. It does seem longer than that, what a day that was rushing to the airport! You should be so proud of how you have done, I would never have made it. Still miss you

    thanks. i’m sometimes pretty shocked by all that has happened!!

    and you would have done great!

  2. Wow where do you like better?

    that’s a tough question. there are things about both places we love and dislike. but, we know we’re supposed to be here

  3. My 10 months is coming up here in just a few days and I can hardly believe it’s been that long.

    How long will you be there?

    it’s open ended. we think many years.

  4. The 6 months has gone by so quickly – and seems like forever. However, I’m with you there are things about both places to love. I watched a show on the travel channel the other night about Laos – sure made me wish I was in Thailand again. What a great place to live. Love, Mom

    thanks, mom. it is beautiful. and i can’t wait for you and dad to come back.

  5. it seems like forever some days and just yesterday others! i miss most as I am sure you do being able to pick up the phone when i see a two legged bird in the yard just for a laugh! i am now telling the world what a moron I am! missing you lots! hope you are making roots there

    and here, there are tropical 2 legged birds. i think of that story often and laugh every time. not at you, you understand! 😀 i miss you lots, too.

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