i seem to have confused this with a knitting blog

lookie, lookie what i did.

i’m as impressed as you are. oh, what is it? it’s a knitted lacy round dishcloth. and i did a crap job of seaming it, but it’s my first so i’m okay with it.

and how can i top that?

i know, i can hardly believe it either. i’m making a ballband dishcloth.

it’s dishcloth mania in our house right now. and i seem to be the only one celebrating.

7 thoughts on “i seem to have confused this with a knitting blog

  1. Looks like you will be ready in case you ever have to do hard time in Thailand!

    too funny!! i thought the same thing when i was making it.

  2. Actually, it is really lovely work. Love, Mom

    p/s/ Couldn’t resist the little reference to the women’s prison store we visited.

    thanks, mom.

  3. the new one you are making has pretty colors! too pretty for a dishrag

    that’s exactly what aly says. she’s all upset about it

  4. Welcome to my world! LOL.

    Now you HAVE to join ravelry and sign up for some dishcloth swaps! It is very entertaining and you’ll have access to HUNDREDS…WAIT, THOUSANDS of free patterns.


    i am on ravelry. that’s where i found the ball band pattern. i haven’t done a swap, but i’ve been looking around at them. maybe i’ll give one a try.

  5. if i had kept up with your sight, i have the site you told me about on your comments. thanks!

    i’m impressed, loved the colored ball band pattern. those patterns are like reading another language. that’s my problem moving forward is the language. ;^)

    getting better though

    too nice for a dish cloth.

    the language becomes clearer over time. i eventually want to do socks. i’ve been knitting long enough that i should be able to do socks. but, alas… it hasn’t worked that way.

  6. OMG, Monica, I laughed so HARD at this post!!! I have no idea what a ball band is, but we called these things “hot pads” in Minnesota way back when . They are SUPPOSED to have errors. However, I fail to see yours. Even with the arrows. And closeups. And I even went and put my reading glasses on – no dice. Geez, Woman, you are a worse perfectionist than I!! And you have THREE kids instead of two!! I will buy this horrible thing from you and frame it for my kitchen. Honest. You must not sully it by using it (or throwing it away!!!) I finally know what to do with my teenagers’ speak… roflololololololololol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it will be on it’s way to you!! and once it gets there you can play “where’s waldo” for the error!! and i’m only a perfectionist when it comes to some things – certainly not all!!

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