goin’ gray gracefully

or so i thought…

the other day michael says to me, “that gray stripe in your hair is so distinctive. it makes you look like someone… i can’t quite put my finger on it. but i know it’s someone i’ve seen in movies.”

which got me to thinking about who could it possibly be. and i thought maybe cruella de vil, from 101 dalmations.

but knew it couldn’t possibly be her, that’s way too much gray.

then i came up with lily munster.

i could live with that. i mean she wasn’t scary lookin’ and she was a good mom and wife. not the worst person in the world to be compared to…

but i was wrong. i’m now going to post a picture of me and my – according to my spouse – twin.

now, you’re gonna have to look real hard and concentrate if you want to tell us a part. i can’t tell you how flattered i am.

4 thoughts on “goin’ gray gracefully

  1. that is just wrong of him to say epecially since you live so far away none of your friends can kick him for being mean! I cant even see the gray in your hair!

    i know. but we have long memories. and the gray stripe is there. not the best pic, but it’s no where near as pronounced as mrs. stein’s

  2. I think you look great. My hair went ugly, ugly salt and pepper all over, now mostly salt, when I was 26. Of course the only way I really know that is when I get overdue for the paint job. You are just too funny.

  3. no way…

    i found a couple of gray hairs too – blond hair, hard to find, but I did…. ‘I’m 37, I’m not old’ – Monty Python.

    Had my hair highlighted, so all is well – denial…

    can you still color you hair way over there? i know, that was a hobby for you here. ;^)

    i’m having hair trust issues. i told him i could get it cut next time i go to america. he’s not sure that every 2 years is a good solution. and i’ve given up the hair color hobby. it falls into the same hair trust issues i’m having.

  4. My mom used to have her hair done over there, you can, just find someone who speaks enough English to know what you want! See if you can find any European run spas/salons, or go to one at a hotel, they’re used to foreigners there! And you only get to come back every 2 years????? WOW! We had a home leave annually, and that still didn’t seem like enough!

    i know. by the time 2 years gets here we’ll be ready!! i’ve started doing some research on finding someone

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