and now, the rest of the story

yesterday, s8 and i headed back to the hospital. he was more than ready to go. i’m not sure if it was because his desire to get the stitches out was greater than his fear of the getting them out or if he was maybe counting on a repeat of last week – which ever it was – it worked out well for me.

here’s the finger on the way to the hospital.

here’s s8 and the finger in the waiting room of the e.r. this e.r. is every e.r. patients dream. no waiting.

3 minutes after he set down we were in a room and the nurses were hard at work using the best equipment available.

and 7 minutes – and $5 u.s.d. – later s8’s finger was headed home. looking pretty good.

the wound looks much better than i thought it ever would. i’ve secretly been worried that the scar we’ve been promising s8 won’t really come to be. and he’s really, really, really hoping for a frankenstein type mark. i might be investing in some red permanent marker and doing some late night scar drawing.

4 thoughts on “and now, the rest of the story

  1. wow, you are some mom cause that looks pretty bad to me! i always do overreact. anyway glad the stitches came out and withour much fanfare. hope things are well!

    the jury’s still out on it. after swimming it looked pretty mangled. and deep. so, we’ll have to see.

  2. Aww, looks like s8 handled it like a champ! I think it looks like it’s going to heal well 🙂

    he was very brave. we’re hoping it heals well, but at least it’s healing!

  3. WOW, high tech and no gloves. Way to go, s8, what a brave boy.

    i’m so used to living on the edge i didn’t even notice the no gloves!! 😀

  4. Looks good. Isn’t the cost of health care overseas AMAZING?! By the way, how much did they charge to put them in at that “Klinik”?

    the “klinik” was comparatively expensive. it was $200us for everything – but including the late night taxi ride. which is more than i paid to have my skin cancers removed and biopsied and all. and i’ll know at the end of this month how much braces cost here. a11 needs them desperately!

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