haiku friday – let freedom ring


the fourth of july
feels like something is absent
we’re not in country

these things we’re missing
hot dogs, baked beans, apple pie
parades and fireworks

and these things, also
the barbecues and picnics
flying old glory

so what will we do?
consulate did 4th on 3rd
on our own today

living as expats
we will celebrate our own
independence day

8 thoughts on “haiku friday – let freedom ring

  1. I was wondering what you would do for today???

    Happy 4th anyway…

    we had hamburgers and hotdogs and just kind of hung out. it wasn’t until dark that one of the kids realized we wouldn’t see any fireworks. we did look up some on line. but it looses a little something that way!!

  2. I was wondering, too. But at least you got to spend it with other Yanks, right?

    just the fam. we didn’t go to the consulate thing. we were told the kids might not enjoy it so much. and when the kids have no fun, we have no fun. who knows. maybe they would have had a blast.

  3. Awww! Happy 4th!! If it’s any consolation, our town stopped doing fireworks the year that we moved here, so we would have to drag the little ones into the city to see the big show and I think we’re a few years off from doing that.

    something to look forward to! we hope to be in the states for the fourth either next year or the one after… we can have a real celebration then.

  4. i was just thinking about when we would take everyone to Kaboom Town and play games! miss those days that was before s and n even got here! send me an email about some other books you might like and I will put together a care package for you also the dates to make sure we are in town. any books we can send for the kids too! happy 4th a day late for you!

    i know. i miss those days, too. it seems like so long ago and then again, only yesterday! i’ll send you an emai. thanks. hope your fourth was great!

  5. I hope you do find a way to celebrate anyway. When I lived in Japan I found it kind of odd that there were fireworks almost every summer weekend – fun but kind of took the specialness out of it. It’s odd being away on holidays like this, isn’t it?

    there are fireworks here fairly frequently, but we can’t figure our a rhyme or reason for them. it is odd being away, especially during a holiday that is so american. i imagine thanksgiving will be very similar.

  6. My nephew and his family are ‘expats’ … living in a variety of places around the world for the past decade and talk often about having to create their own ‘celebrations’ … I hope yours are fun! Lovely haiku and photos today!
    Hugs and blessings,

    thank you, story! i hope we are able to create some celebrations of our own that create good memories!!

  7. Darn! You can celebrate in your own way, just be creative. Your Haiku is lovely!

    thanks. we kept it low key here. but did have hamburgers and hotdogs.

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