it’s a do over and it’s interactive

in two weeks michael will be back in the states. so, i’m gettin’ another chance to let him know what i want him to bring back for me. and this time, it won’t be fritos. well, it won’t be just fritos. they’ll still be on the list. i’ve got some books i’m hoping he can find – used, of course.

  • the virgin’s lover – philippa gregory
  • the constant princess – philippa gregory
  • the queen’s fool – philippa gregory
  • the boleyn inheritance – philippa gregory
  • people of the book – geraldine brooks (comes highly recommended)
  • child of dandelions – shenaanz nanji
  • the secret history – donna tartt
  • the girl who stopped swimming – joshilyn jackson
  • the goose gril – shannon hale
  • this is all – aidan chambers

and some food stuffs. like blueberry muffin mix and other muffin and brownie mixes. and fritos and bean dip. i’m not sure he’ll pick up bean dip for me. he has a big bean aversion. but he could definitely fit a bag of reisin (however you spell them) in his suitcase.

and i could use a new bra or two. they don’t make ’em here like they do other places. you know – big. but i don’t know how well he will do out on his own bra shopping.

now, here’s the interactive part… do you guys have any great book suggestions? or if you live in the d/fw area do you have any great book donations you’d like to make? (i’m not too proud to beg). he’s gonna be hitting the springs for a day, too. but not sure i could arrange a meet-up.

and what do you think might be the one thing i’m totally forgetting about that you just know i need to have michael back to me???

13 thoughts on “it’s a do over and it’s interactive

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  2. Hello! I’ve been so behind on my blog reading lately …. looking forward to catching up. Meanwhile …. your list is fabulous. I’m struck because when my “little sis” was studying in Paraguay, her big requests were cake mixes and bras. It shows me that I’ve been taking a lot of seemingly invisible luxuries of life in The States for granted.

    yes, those are the comforts of home!! and cake mixes – who knew i would have such a hard time finding them here – and when i did they’d cost an arm and a leg?!?

  3. if he is hitting the springs please let us know I would love to drop off some stuff at his office from us and I know hope would love to drop off stuff for her favorite
    girl in thailand! Lord knows we have books to give!

    he’ll really be in and out – just one day no overnight. but, he doesn’t know what kind of flights he’ll have, yet. so he could have a good size cushion of time before and after. or he could be cutting it close. no matter, i’m sure at the very least an airport meet-up could be arranged. anything for those girls!! 🙂

  4. There is a US Consulate there in Chaing Mai. I wonder if they have a CLO (Community Liason Office) that would be willing to lend you some books. It would be worth a try. Also, try the University.

    Also, check with the school. If your kids go to the International School I’m sure that some of the teachers have books that they’d be happy to loan you.

    i haven’t tried the consulate, yet. will have to check that out. we’re maybe going there this evening for the 4th of july thing. a day early. thanks for that suggestion.

  5. if he will be in dfw let me know when we might be able to meet up and give you some books and such! I have no problem with bean dip!

    he’s heading down for royal family kid’s camp. he leaves here mid july. we will make sure he meets up with you!!

  6. hey there, you aren’t interested in my lasted books… baby’s first year, toddler times… ;^)

    But, my husband has a few Clive Cussler (spyish type). I am actually going to be in tx around the 16th. I can totally take a few books. my in-laws left us a bunch of books if you like spyish or maybe romance. bw my parents too. i can drop off or meet michael wherever. will be there at least 10 days. i have a few, I’ll see what i have and email you.

    michael will get there right after you arrive. and he’ll be back in the springs in sept. for more than a day. no real romance fans here, but spy is good. it sounds like you and michael will be in tx the same time.

    and no, no toddler and baby books needed. that would be more than i could handle right now, or really forever more. 🙂

  7. philippa gregory sounds really good. i think i may have to check those out! i’ll see what type of books i’ve heard others talk about how great.

    she wrote the other boleyn girl, and the book was way better than the movie. way better. lots and lots better!!

  8. Sounds like a good list to me. He should be able to get all those at Half Price Books in Dallas.

    Maybe a brick of velveeta and some ro-tel for queso? That’s all I would add.

    yes, and he loves half price books – so that won’t be a chore. velveeta is a great idea, thanks.

  9. I take it you like Philippa Gregory’s books. The only one I’ve read by her is The Other Boleyn Girl. I’m unfamiliar with the other authors and books you’ve listed here.
    Hugs and blessings,

    many of the books i read are recommended to me. i’m very trusting when it comes to recommendations!!

  10. The Shack by William Young
    Heard was very good. still looking at what we have to offer.

    i’ve heard it’s good, too. thanks for the suggestion

  11. apparently, Clive Cussler is more adventure-type… would you like the two we have?

    in-laws have:
    a tom clancy
    The Last Templar (raymond khoury)
    maeve binchey (3 books – easy reading – chickstuff)
    the suspect – john lescrorat

    give hubby my contact info and I can give him what you like.

    i have probably read the maeve binchey – but he others would be great. if you have some in co, can you leave them there. michael has another trip in sept. we’re trying not to overload him this time. and he can pick them up when he’s there in sept?? i know, demanding, aren’t i!

  12. I don’t have one, but I have heard the Kindle’s (from Amazon) are wonderful! You can download books almost immediately. It is a bit expensive, but I have heard nothing but praise about the little machines. Something to look into for your reading pleasure.

    i’ve heard of these, but not sure i want to give up actually holding a book and turning the page…

  13. cool, i will get the ones from in-laws. whatever is easiest – sept. is not far off.

    no, sept. isn’t and it might be easier for him to wait. he’s got quite the load coming back this time.

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