the times they are a changin’

when we moved to thailand michael told me that he would be my fill in girlfriend until i find one here or for one year – whichever comes first. and he really has tried pretty hard. he’s watched some borderline bad reality tv with me.

(shhh…. don’t tell. he loves this show! he’s all, “go tyra, go tyra!”)

and we’ve bonded over mani/pedis

i had some great pictures of his highly buffed
fingernails and sandal friendly toenails,
but it seems he’s destroyed them.
trust me, they were good.

and all and all he’s been a pretty patient fellow when i’ve whined and complained and gone on and on and on about the lack of girlfriends and how i miss my girlfriends and girlfriend this and girlfriend that. i mean he couldn’t hold his own during the whole, “wonder if those cups really work?” conversation, but that was asking alot. and he tried really hard not to let the pain show when i just need to talk to a friend about nothing at all. he really deserves some props. big props. he’s the mangirlfriend.

but i think today he has seen the light at the end of the tunnel. the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, etc… cuz today i had a lunch date. with a real live honest to goodness made in chiang mai girlfriend. she wasn’t really made in chiang mai, she was made in california, but the friendship – that was made in chiang mai. and then tonight i had a book club meeting. once again with the role of female friends being played by, well, real live females. and i don’t know who is more relieved. him (because he’s exhausted from continuously trying to get in touch with his feminine side) or me (because he’s not so good at getting in touch with his feminine side.)

woo hoo. looks like some sort of normal might have just snuck up on me.

11 thoughts on “the times they are a changin’

  1. you have an amazing husband to be your mangirlfriend. that’s some big shoes to fill. i can’t ever imagine my oH don’t my pedicure/manicures. glad you have found a good new friend!

    he is a keeper!! and he does have big feet.

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  3. I am so happy for you that your blog today made me cry. And by the way – way to go BH – can’t imagine your father-in-law giving me a pedi…..just a night mare to even think about. Way to go Monica. Love, Mom

    well, he would look lovely with some fierce red toenails. maybe you should try when he’s sleeping!

  4. yeah for you! makes me miss you more though. just thought about our yearly girl trips today! it always helps to have good friends close by!

    i was just thinking the other day if it would be possible for me to get there (not this year) for a trip… hmmm…

  5. Yay for real girlfriends!
    And yay for husbands you try really hard. 🙂

    omg!! how’d you know? he’s been talking about me behind my back, hasn’t he. tellin’ people how trying i am… figures!

  6. What a great guy! I’m happy for you too. It’s hard starting over. I’m so glad things are starting to feel more like home and normal. This just might make up for when he disappeared without word.

    maybe it will. but i really think that’s the kind of thing only diamonds can repair 😉 .

  7. that is COMPLETELY AWESOME!!!!
    firstly because of the fact that your michael is so darned fabulous to you.
    secondly because you’re finding soul mates.
    it’s all nail polish and perfume from here on in babe

    he is most fabulous – no doubt about that. and it is amazing how friends can make you feel at home. good times ahead!!

  8. So nice that you found a friend. That makes all the difference. Your guy is very brave to let you post those pics. Mine never would.

    (and for the record, the cucumber was thrown away as soon as I snapped the picture)


    i have had things that look like that in my fridge. i always wonder – how’d that happen??
    i think michael probably thinks “those aren’t the worst picture she’s ever posted!!”

  9. Friends make all the difference in the world. Even Baku has become tolerable.

    Check to see if there is an International Women’s Club (IWC), that’s a good way to meet people. They usually have monthly trips and charity events.

    i will look into that. thanks for the suggestion.

  10. I’m glad you’ve found a friend and made some real connections there … and hope you’ll find many more ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

    thanks! who knew it would be so hard. i actually sort of did, but it’s different knowing and living, ya know?

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