baring it all – or a little of it anyway

i’ve been toying lately with doing away with my secret identity and telling the world who i really am. because sometimes i feel silly being referred to as transplanting me. especially when someone i know in real life does it in an effort to hide my real name. i am not complaining about that. i love that my friends care enough to help me maintain my anonymity. and i was all set to do it. to come clean. to tell the whole world. and then this post from boomama came into my feed reader. and because boomama speaks the truth and everyone in the world knows she speaks the truth – it caused me to pause. and reconsider. it left me in a quandary. flummoxed. unsure of my next move.

i like my blog name, i think it’s a very good blog name. i think it might be the best blog name in all the world. and i have no problem being identified as transplanting me, but i’ve gotten to the point where i feel like i can trust all you friends and strangers and nut jobs out there. so, i’m gonna take the plunge – cuz boomama has a plan for that.

hello, i’m monica @ transplanting me and sometimes i’m just monica. wow, that felt good. and i am absolutely certain that superman is jealous because he can’t stand that lois lane doesn’t know who he really is.

oh, and bh, his real name is michael. and from now on he will just be referred to as michael. because – while i coined the moniker bh because it stands for better half – it has been pointed out to me – on more than one occasion – that it could also stand for something else. something not so nice. and knowing that, i have to confess, that on more than one occassion i have taken grim pleasure in knowing that i wasn’t feeling the better half thing when i typed bh.

the kids, however, will remain c14, a11 and s8 – at least until their next birthdays. protecting the innocent and all.

10 thoughts on “baring it all – or a little of it anyway

  1. the secret is out! so now when I post I can use your “real” name? i feel so liberated

    yep, you can yell it from a mountaintop!!

  2. Sometimes it feels good to just shout it out… doesn’t it?

    I still go by Bridge instead of Brigitte on my blog… but that is because I have actually had customers find me and I really don’t want them to. /sigh

    yes, it does. very freeing!

  3. And what a lovely name it is, Monica!

    kathryn, thanks. i spend my preteen years wishing i were names something different. the area i grew up on there were rarely ever any other monica’s.

  4. lol, love what Boomama says, i agree wholeheartedly. and i started out all Anonymous and Cloak-and-Dagger…. but have noticed myself starting to slip…
    yeah, i’ve even started using my KIDS real names on my blog on occasion, sheesh i am getting slack.

    and then there’s FACEBOOK, and how to maintain anonymity there.. especially if your bloggy buddies find ya using your email addy.. and how the heck are ya gonna find Josephine Bloggs from your ten-year-old class if she’s now calling herself Jane Blonde… which she might be… but oh! JOYOUS REUNION that she isn’t….

    so i’m really glad you’ve come outta the closet, though for some funny reason i already knew your name (i have had you as “transplanting me MONICA” in my bloglines for months lol)

    mwah X

    that’s really the thing. the cloak and dagger – i’m not great at it for extended periods of time

  5. monica! Ahah! Muah hah hah hah! Finally! Now that I know your true identity, I can carry out all my dastardly plans for you! Muah hah hah!!!
    huh? what? I don’t do dastardly plans? Oh.
    Nevermind. (grin)

    whew. cuz really, you were my big concern! πŸ˜‰

  6. At least now I can stop calling you tm. (grin)

    yes – the big secret is out. well, it’s not my biggest secret. but those will have to wait. oh, well maybe that is my biggest secret. what a sad life. or maybe i’m just that transparent.

  7. Uhm, psst…monica. I think yer supposed to be transparent. Not that I know what that means. (grin)

    well, duh. i mean come on that’s really why i wanted to use my real name. the transparency. or at least now that i’ve thought that’s why i did it!! πŸ˜‰ (and my winking smiley i think might be synonymous with your (grin) πŸ˜‰

  8. monica, nice ring to it. apparently, I didn’t notice you HADN’T used your real name. nice to hear from monica, my dear ole friend.

    i’m somewhat attached to it myself. πŸ™‚ hoping to read all about england soon… the pictures were great!

  9. I think you did just right, “Monica”, and “Michael” has been a trooper to be all girly for you. Although I’ve always been entertained by your monikers (monicars ;), I’ve never noticed anything about bh than better half. I guess I am optimistic!!! I don’t have girlfriends, either, and I live in the States surrounded by them!! Mine happen to live in other States. I am also online incessantly, so if you want to talk girl shop, I’m always here for you πŸ™‚ Really! πŸ™‚ Like, I heard tea tree oil helps with callouses on your feet. It’s $12 a bottle here!!! Hey, if you need anyone to run anything out to COS or DIA for Michael, let me know. I’ve got teenaged boys with licenses in college – meaning almost no classes !!!! πŸ™‚

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