i knew it


trip to hospital
has confirmed our suspicions
he was no doctor

today was suture removal day. the plan was a quick in and out at the hospital then off to do some swimming. the swimming was how i bribed s8 to actually leave his bedroom and go with me to the hospital – willingly. and things looked good when we got to the hospital. no waiting – they got us through admissions and sent us on our merry way to the emergency room. s8 was even whistling. the nurse looked at his finger and then she looked closer at his finger and then she called over the next closest nurse to look at his finger and then they called over the nurses that were sitting at the desk on the other side of the room. and then they discussed – in thai – s8’s finger and seeing as how i’m all bilingual i could sort of understand what they were saying. well, really i didn’t hear much after i caught one of them saying “not good” and another confirming “very, very not good.” which caused me to think, “this can’t be good.” then they got a doctor to take a much more thorough look at s8’s finger. looking at neither s8 nor me the doctor asks, “did you do this yourself?” and i’m waiting for s8 to respond and tell him,”yes, i did do this myself, with a knife and a box of cereal” but then the doctor looks at me. and clarifies his question, “did you put these sutures in yourself?” that question spoke volumes. and when i tell him, “no, that this happened in penang and a fake doctor at a clinic that was 60 seconds down the road from the real hospital sutured up his finger” (okay, i really just said, “no, they were put in at a clinic in penang”) you know what this doctor’s response was? he shook his head. several times. and then said we need to give the sutures another week and hopefully (yes, he used the word hopefully) the finger will have healed up better by then. so no swimming and now even s8 is questioning the legitimacy of that guy in penang.

20 thoughts on “i knew it

  1. Youchie!!! See? Mother’s intuition?! You were right all along! Here’s hoping for the best – fast and complete healing!

    thanks. this is one time that i would have been happy to be wrong.

  2. Shocking!! Any clues to “what if” it’s not better by next week? Did he wonder if S8 did it or did he think maybe you did not sew so well? Did you get clarification on that? You should follow my example from now on when you are at penang – take him to a vet first just to be on the safe side.

    he clarified. he thought perhaps i had taken out my handy dandy sewing kit and stitched him all up… and i’ll be all over that vet next time.

  3. OMG. You’re so brave to be living overseas… I would be transplanting my b-hind right back to a US hospital right about now. It will be okay. Good luck with the healing.

    thanks, deucemom. the hospitals here in chiang mai seem very good, it’s just when we’re out of the country we have to be careful!!

  4. How very scary! First of all that you had a fake doctor in Penang and secondly that the real doctor thought you looked like the kind of crazy person who would do sutures herself!

    oh, wow. i hadn’t thought of that – i guess it’s true that not everybody looks like someone who might suture up their kids finger. i’d written a much different story. i figured he must have thought we were off in the wilds of thailand way away from medical care and i had done the only thing i could…

  5. Holy smokes! What an experience. I am glad that you mentioned the worst that will happen is a scar. I was thinking he might lose his finger!

    But either way, what an ordeal!

    I am wishing your son a speedy — and full — recovery!

    thanks!! i’m pretty certain this would be a much different haiku if they’d screwed up that a much!!

  6. That is truly terrible. I hope your son’s finger heals up properly. 😦

    other than a nasty scar – which he thinks will be totally cool – it should be good!

  7. Oh my gosh. I hope his finger is okay. I always fear whether doctors really know what they are doing. Even when they seem very knowledgable and professional.

    i know have that concern, too!! i quizzed todays dr about where he went to school, how long he’s been a dr. i stopped short of asking to see his credentials!!

  8. Well, let’s give the Chiang Mai doctor credit – maybe he thought you had been stranded in the outback somewhere with no medical help and only your handy dandy sewing kit. Could happen.

    that’s the version i’m going with!

  9. Oh no!! Poor kid! 😦

    he’s keeping a brave face and is extremely excited about this possible nasty scar!!

  10. oh my goodness…you’re so brave and your poor kiddo!

    janelle, thanks! it was one of those times when you gotta do what you gotta do was all there was to do!!

  11. Wow! I stopped by to say thanks for stopping by my place and reading through posts I’m hooked. Very fascinating thing you got going.

    I’m sure if S8’s like my boys a wicked scar, would be very cool.

    yes, the wicked scar is the upside!

  12. all i can say is OH MY GOSH…. hang in there s8. Scars are very cool!

    and, I’m sure my mom would say, see… she should have stayed in Colorado. 😉

    yes, of course he has the scar from where he tried to sever his foot that he got in colorado. and i’ts pretty nasty.

  13. Oh my! I guess the water didn’t work.

    nope, but it is looking better. like it might be knitting together!

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