yo quiero

c14 got so very excited when he saw a billboard with this on it while we were in penang.

he saw that bell and immediately recognized it. this bell represents something that is very near and dear to his heart.

he was salivating and he quickly began working on his order. it included an indecent amount of bean burritos and some nachos. for those few seconds he was certain that penang was heaven on earth.

but i was taking in the big picture, seeing that in penang this bell represented something much different.

and something so much better. once c14 took in the entire billboard he was crushed. he grumbled something about that billboard being sacrilegious and just how much he was certain penang hated him.

8 thoughts on “yo quiero

  1. okay what is it with 14 year old boys and taco bell, mine wants it every day three times, come on it is not that good!

    you got that right. it is not that good. and he really did think he’d hit the mother load in penang. way too sad.

  2. 😦 Awww. THAT’s not fair. Not at all.
    (Side note, do Taco Bell know they are using their logo? I’m presuming its copyrighted. Some 14 year old lad should bring it to the attention of the Taco Bell people…might be rewarded with a lifetimes supply!)

    that same though crossed my mind. but then i thought this was a good opportunity to stick it to the man. bring down big burrito. you know? or maybe not.

  3. Ha! Maybe you can get burritos with your reflexology though? We have a combination Taco Bell/KFC. Maybe this is a new combo?

    well, that would be brilliant. but somehow, i’m thinking big burrito is not that smart.

  4. boys do not grow out of taco bell. i have 38 year old that believes it solves all life’s problems. we had it last week, since my eye doctor appt went on for 2 1/2 hours. There was NO other choice than to run to the BELL!

    doesn’t it just figure. in tx i much preferred taco bueno to the bell. but that wasn’t an option in co

  5. How weird that it’s the exact same bell! I agree the Taco Bell honchos should be notified. ;o)

    Thanks for the comment over at my place!


    jenni, love your blog. i’ve been reading for a bit. live blogging a birth – that’s commitment!

    i would feel so bad for those reflexology folks – when they took that bell, they probably had no idea who they were messin’ with!

  6. It made me think of the movie demolition man where the only restaurant remaining in 2032 is Taco Bell.

    I say don’t tell TB.

    2032 would be c14’s very favorite year!!

  7. Too funny! Poor kid.

    it’s the first thing from home he’s really mentioned missing… and to be fooled! cruel world!

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