it’s not a birthmark?

not so long ago – when the mongolians were here for a visit – we had a conversation about the mongolian spot birthmark. apparently someone in our family was paying very close attention. and using their mad deduction skillz came to the conclusion that if mongolians were born with a certain type of birth mark, then most certainly other ethnic groups were also born with one. specifically indians from india – not to be confused with native americans. and even more specifically indian women.

i did set him/her straight. and then i laughed. and shared the story with a few people. and they laughed.

*i think huge mom points are in order for not spilling the beans on just which of my children thought that a bindi was a birth mark. cuz i really, really do want to tell.

4 thoughts on “it’s not a birthmark?

  1. I would have to venture a guess that the baby is responsible for that.

    i’m not tellin’ – but i will say i wouldn’t put money down on that one

  2. i think the middle one!

    well, you’d be… wait, i’m not going to be tricked into ratting out which child it was. but i will let you know, you might not want to put money on that. maybe.

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