now what will wii do??

when we moved to thailand we chose to leave behind most of the stuff we owned that required electricity. we just didn’t want to mess with the whole voltage difference. but… there were a few – two – things that we weren’t willing to do without and that couldn’t easily be replaced. one of those things was this (the only other one is the bose, which we have yet to hook up because we needed another converter, but it seems i might now know where i can get one)…

the wii. the wii that i waited in line in the freezing cold for like ever to purchase the minute it was released. it was a combo bh’s birthday and family christmas present. just what i always wanted. and it has provided us with hours of entertainment and distraction. and we love it. alot.

now in order to make it work here it is very important we use one of these

not using one of these power converter things would result in the end of the world as we know it. and that resembles something like this

or possibly this

either way it doesn’t matter. there are somethings that are good deep fried or cooked over a campfire, you know donuts, chicken, shrimp, french fries, hotdogs, marshmallows, and the list goes on and on. but it does not include the wii.

so when we (that we doesn’t include me) returned from penang – i mean i returned from penang but i wasn’t involved in the catastrophe that followed – and went about reconnecting all the electrical type things it seems a step was missed.

it seems this

got plugged directly into this

which was then plugged directly into this

one small little detail was left out.

resulting in an odor, one that smelled a lot like melted wii innards. which is probably exactly what the end of the world will smell like.

and as most of the world knows these things are expensive. and on top of that they are difficult to come by here in chiang mai. and if you do manage to come by one it is way more expensive than in the u.s.

and i just read finslippy’s wii post and have been moved to tears knowing that i’m no longer able to have that kind of converstion with our wii… oh, wii, i hardly knew you.

13 thoughts on “now what will wii do??

  1. Oh no!!! That is horrible! I’m sorry! 😦

    thank you for your sympathy. i can’t even begin to describe how long the days drag out with no wii.

  2. Awww, I’m a little teary. Poor Wii, taken too soon 😦

    i know, we’re trying to figure out how to plan the services. we’re not sure if we want to do it here or in the states…

  3. You are too funny! I miss coming home and you and Wineymomma sitting on the steps or at the table having coffee…and listen to me complain about how STUPID some people are! Just read your boy’s post…man, he’s deep…which I already knew after all of the Monday a.m. b-fast we had! Love to all, TFD

    i miss sitting on the porch or at the table with wm, too. now i’m doubly depressed. no wii and missing you guys. thanks 😦

  4. Check your email – I sent you a web site that talks about this problem. There is a good chance only your power supply was burned – it should have protected the wii. You can buy the power supply on eBay for about $6 and $20 shipping to Thailand. Look at the Nintendo site and the Game Stop sites for info about this. Hope it is that simple. Please tell me bh wasn’t among the anxious Wii players. Love to all.

    the wii will be making the trip to the states with bh when he in july for a diagnostic procedure that you’ll probably be in charge of.

    and i can’t in good conscience point the finger at any of the guilty parties… but i think he’s in the clear!

  5. okay i want to know what you are going to do all summer, first no tv and now no wii

    cry. we’re going to cry. and dream about the olympics. and swimming and gymnastics. and then cry some more.

  6. I think that is pretty close to the end of the world. My condolences.

    in lieu of condolences we’re setting up a fund. a we need a new wii for our wee ones fund. i’ll get back to you with info of where to send money or an all new wii. 😉

  7. I used to live in Thailand, as well, so I was reading Pete Wilson’s blog, and saw you had too! 220 is 2x 110 lol, and it ruined many a things of our’s. We were in Egypt first, and then we ended up in Thailand, but in Egypt, our maid didn’t realize, and killed our vacuum, and we just forgot about it sometimes, whoops!

    welcome!! i would feel better if we could blame it on our maid… but it seems this is just one of the adjustments and joys to living overseas!! 🙂

  8. Ooooh…ouch. When I was a teen living in Norway I tried that same trick with my curling iron. I fried my bangs OFF. Mmmmm…nothing like the smell of melted hair. Bleh!

    RIP, Wii.


    i think my kids would have preferred melted hair to the death of the wii. of course, none of them are teen girls…

  9. that is just sad… so sad… i lost a sonicare base (this time) while I was in england. honest mistake, especially when you don’t actually see the smoke immediately.

    yes, it is way too sad. and you lost your sonicare – it’s just not right. we have to learn metric conversions and remember the voltage change?? it’s too much!

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