a very brady vacation

you’ll never guess who showed up at the airport with us this morning… peter brady!! if i didn’t have go on vacation with peter brady on my 100 things to do before i die list i’m gonna add it.

just for comparison i have included this…

and remember – it’s the hair we’re focusing on.

5 thoughts on “a very brady vacation

  1. At least it’s the young, cute Peter Brady. The grown up one is a little creepy. 😉

    yes, the grown up one is quite creepy. wonder if i could get him a pair of bell bottoms?

  2. OK – you should be home soon. I know I speak for more than just me – hope you had a great vacation. However, we have had a really long dry spell without your blog. Maybe you should write something before you take a nap, unpack, eat, etc. Love, Mom

    i did post before a nap or anything… i’m obedient that way.

  3. rofl at your mom’s comment.

    your son is not going to thank you for that photo, you know right? poor harrased boy.

    now what your mom said. where are ya already!?

    i know, he’ll look back at this and say, “why mom? why?”

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