haiku friday – 16 years


took a test* today
to see how we measure up
as husband and wife

comes as no surprise
he’s “very superior”
i’ve known all along

me? i’m just “av’rage”
how do i feel about that?
well… pretty darn good


twenty-one – just babes
thought that we knew ev’rything
we were such dumb kids

two boys and a girl
we have added to our brood
pretty amazing

in a new country
our adventure continues
amazing journey

i had no idea
sixteen years could pass so fast
i’d do it again

i got you a gift
sterling silver holloware
just what you wanted?

or how ’bout this one
it’s appropriate today
friday the thirteenth

a few more stanzas
because today there’s a theme
and themes are like rules

his hair is the best
it’s oh so salt and pepper
and i think that’s hawt


*thanks embejo for linking to this test

18 thoughts on “haiku friday – 16 years

  1. wow hard to believe its been 16 years, that means we have known each other at least that long just thinking about seeing you two at Chris house before the big day (about 6 months before) you were sitting on the stationary bike with your short short hair! I hope you have a huge celebration!

    the day after my 21st birthday. i was legal so i could buy blue champagne. we were so fancy!!

  2. Congratulations. All my best, now and always.

    thanks, kristi!! you know my wedding was the only wedding i’ve been in that i wasn’t pregnant!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I hope you have many, many more happy years. I loved your Haiku. So creative.

    No more dead creatures popping up?

    thanks mom24! and no more dead creatures, thankfully!!

  4. Happy Anniversary! What a very cool haiku. Hope you celebrate by doing something fun!

    we celebrated by doing…. nothing. he’s in another country! but we will be joining him tomorrow for a vacation – so more than likely we’ll have to wait until we’re back home to celebrate.

  5. Time flies, doesn’t it? My husband and I have been together for 13 years (married for 8). We still feel like a couple of kids.

    Happy Anniversary!!!

    it does go so fast!! there are days when i wake up and feel like i’m still 18. of course, that’s before i move…

  6. Happy Anniversary! And, we got married at the same age you guys did. See, maybe we were dumb kids, but obviously we got something right, no?

    i’m pretty sure we were better off thinking that we knew it all. seems to have worked out ok!

  7. In response to your response of my post…THANK GOODNESS! I think there might have been a slight problem had you been, like the white dress and all! 🙂 That is REALLY funny though. You can’t tell in any of our wedding pictures. I hadn’t really thought about it, but two of my bridesmaids were pregnant because Tisha found out the next week that she was expecting!

    we had just found out the day before your wedding and hadn’t told anyone… it was a big secret 😉

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