and just how do you define exotic

today the kids and i went bowling. yes, i know bowling might not seem all that exotic – don’t judge just yet cuz you haven’t heard it all. this was glow in the dark bowling. i know, i know, not so exotic, either. but wait… this wasn’t just glow in the dark bowling it was glow in the dark bowling played in the middle of the day in a location that is all windows on one side of it and no window coverings so the sun can beam brightly through those windows. and we were on the lane closest to the windows. that my friends is wild and crazy! i mean when the blue lights came on and the overhead lights went off it was amazing, almost mind altering we couldn’t even tell. for those of you who might be interested – i smoked those kids. they didn’t even see me comin’. and then i did a touch down boogie discreet little victory dance and maybe sang about it. but i tried to be a good sport. you know sensitive – as all mothers should be – especially since it’s possible that s8 might have had a high score of 18 today, give or take. also on the agenda of awesomeness this week is miniature golfing . can’t wait to see how they change that up.

and speaking of exotic. we’re getting ready to go on a vacation. our first ever vacation that isn’t being planned to manage to fit in seeing all the family we can while enjoying the sights that we’ve seen over and over because, well, all our other vacations were just trips back home. we’re heading to penang, malaysia. that’s in a whole ‘nother country. we’ve never gone on vacation to a different country. well, bh and i went to canada, but just niagra falls, i think that might barely count or maybe not at all. anyway, bh is already in penang so he’s had an opportunity to scout out our digs and knowing that i like details he sent me the following email. and i think you will agree with me, he knows how to sell a place. makin’ it sound all fancy and islandy and what-not.

Hi, Sweetheart. I wanted to give you some info to prepare you for your trip out here. I don’t have internet in the place where I’m staying, so I won’t be able to communicate often. (this is also the place where we will be staying – i think this is his way of breaking it to me that i’ll have to go an entire week without internet. but surely there are some internet cafes around, i mean surely.)

The apartment we are in is no frills. It’s got three bedrooms with one full-sized and two single-sized beds. One room also has a pull-out mattress underneath. The place is not terribly clean, but it’s not gross. The hot water and the AC work. (i know you’re all jealous now and if you ask nicely and say kind things about me maybe i’ll give you the name of this charming location so you can book your next vacation there.)

Things I need for you to bring:

  • Socks (a week’s worth)
  • Underwear (a week’s worth of each) (his quick turn around this weekend and change of flight on his way from hong kong to here through bangkok caused a luggage problem. he ended up meeting his luggage on his way back out of chiang mai. just thought you might wanna know what the deal with undies and socks was.)

Things you will want to bring:

  • Good walking shoes for all (we’ll probably do some hiking and walking around the city)
  • Books for everyone to read (time 5 for Aly)
  • Gameboys (there is no TV in our apartment) (3 kids and no tv. i mean we don’t have tv right now, but we’re going on vacation. we were thinking we were gonna live it up.)
  • DVDs that we can watch on our laptops (a little family togetherness – the five us huddled around a laptop enjoying some big screen entertainment.)
  • Playing cards and small games that are easy to carry (this suddenly sounds like i might be doing the entertaining. 3 kids and games doesn’t always go well without an adult participating or at least supervising.)

I don’t have a good understanding of where we are at, so I’m not sure about getting transportation, eating and such. (i don’t even want to think about what this might mean. wonder if i should pack my fritos?)

I love you!

now i know you’re wondering how you can get in on this shin dig. after reading that it sounds like it’s going to be more than even i could ever imagine. can’t wait. have i mentioned that we might just possibly be doing a little 16th wedding anniversary celebrating while there.

and fyi i’m not updating the kids with the 411 on this trip. let them be excited for a few more days until we land.

10 thoughts on “and just how do you define exotic

  1. Sign me up!!!

    wanna be the nanny? we can’t pay, but we’ll provide some kind of pull out mattress that you can share with a11~ 🙂 )

  2. sounds like you will have a million new stories for your blog when you return

    oh, i do hope so!! i’m hoping to figure out a way to blog while i’m there. we shall see!

  3. Yeah, ah, no. Thanks though.
    Lol, THIS should be interesting!

    that’s us – keepin’ it interesting!

  4. I hope you have fun. I can relate to the vacation around family visits. That will be new for us too, when we finally get a long trip on the schedule. Can’t wait to hear about it!

    i’m hoping to have tons to tell. part of me is like – a vacation in another country!! wow. and then i think. oh my goodness, we live in a different country!!

  5. I definitely think you should let it all be a surprise. Reminds me of the Berenstain Bears Too Much Vacation. I bet it will turn into one of your most valued memories. I hope so anyway!

    thanks, mom24!! i’m hoping for some great memories!

  6. You can always come to Baku for a smashing good time! Can’t wait to hear about the adventures.

    can’t wait to tell them. baku, with the right accent i think it could sound very exotic!

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