haiku friday – nine 1/2 weeks


nine 1/2 weeks
and i don’t mean the movie
disappointing, i know

an eternity
school break and kids will be home
nine 1/2 weeks

what is there to do?
way too much unstructured time
they’re already bored

one thing on schedule
a vacation in penang
but that’s just a week

then what will we do
how will the summer be spent
there’s always the wii

we’ll figure it out
nine 1/2 weeks will pass
quicker than i think

won’t be involving
kim bassinger, mickey rourke
not so kid friendly

14 thoughts on “haiku friday – nine 1/2 weeks

  1. yes cams first day out was today at 12 and already they are at each other! It will be a long summer!

    just remember, these precious moments only happen once. even though it might seem they are repeating themselves over and over!

  2. I bet you are right that it will fly by so fast, though, and you are in the perfect place to seriously explore! I loved the reference to the “other” 9 1/2 weeks that’s really pretty different ๐Ÿ™‚

    we’re planning to get out and explore. it would be a shame to look back and realize we did nothing!!

  3. I’m sure you’ll make the best of it. You’ll never have this time again. It all goes so fast. Yadda, yadda, yadda. I say remember this, a good all day Wii tournament cures a whole variety of ills! Happy Summer, this is FINALLY our last day. Remind me in a month how excited I was about this.

    i’ll remind you. as i’m reminding myself how excited i was to not have to get kids up every day!!

  4. What to do? Whatever you want to! That is the freaking cool part!

    but i don’t even know exactly what there is to do!!

  5. Ours is 11 weeks, but it can be long….but at least you are in a place you can explore…have fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

    we hope to! we were very blessed that we lived in a neighborhood that was loaded with kids. so i didn’t have to provide as much entertainment and distraction. but this summer will past quickly!

  6. thank goodness for summer school and cheer practice.

    her majesty will be busy … and tired

    i wish there were some summer sports here. maybe there are and i just don’t know about them.

  7. I haven’t hit this yet (mine are all still home all the time), but I can imagine it’s a rough transition. At the moment, I just dream of them actually being occupied by someone besides me for nine months of the year! Grass is always greener – lol! We lived on a little island in the Pacific for a few years and got to visit Thailand. It sounds like an amazing experience for your family!

    it is always greener, you’re right. but we will make some good memories this summer and hopefully not remember all the bickering!

  8. funny, first thing I thought of was the movie. Nine 1/2 weeks of summer? It really will go by too fast. I live for summer.

    i would prefer summer if it weren’t so hot!

  9. How I wish I got 9 1/2 weeks off this summer. ๐Ÿ™‚

    i know i shouldn’t complain… a time will come when i will miss these days.

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