no more pencils, no more books

school’s out for summer. and to that statement my kids would add finally.

in a11’s class they had a farewell party and for c14 there was an extended homeroom and reports on all the field trips taken during high school activity week. and in third grade they proved that “it ain’t over ’til it’s over”. because they had native american day, today, on the last day of school. and they went all out. they had a tee pee in the class – one that they had made. they decorated vests and made headbands.

they performed a short play.

and a choreographed song.

they taught us how to play traditional, authentic indian games.

and then – as you do at all true indian pow-wows – we ate. genuine indian chow. really. last friday s8 came home with a note requesting all the parents to bring a dish with them for this shindig. preferably something using corn, squash or beans. and that’s just what we all did.

as you can see, many of us were smitten with the ingredient corn. specifically pop corn. of the traditional native american indian microwave variety. and, yes, i’m included in that us. but i did make mine extra special and got the recipe off a true blue native american indian recipe website. the recipe called for maple syrup (they don’t have maple trees here in thailand, so it’s imported from canada. and for what i paid i expected to find a gold nugget in the teeny-tiny, itsy-bitsy maple leaf bottle – which i didn’t.) and because it calls for maple syrup i will never, ever make it again. at least not until i’m closer to some maple trees.

and then mark champion appeared from no where and asked, “now that schools out what are you going to do now?” and we answered, “we’re going to disney world burger king.”

which is exactly what we did.

at lunch the kids were talking about the families who wouldn’t be returning next year. some are furloughing home for the year and some are returning home for good and some are moving on to other mission fields. it was interesting. past experience has been that when friends leave the school my kids have attended it’s to move to another city or another state. but all of these kids are moving to another country. norway, denmark, germany, france, england, spain, australia, the philippines, america, canada, etc… and some of the seniors are heading to these countries without family to attend college. this is a very different experience for us and the kids are starting to see that this experience really will lead to them having friends all over the world

and really cool vacations. cuz this summer we’re going to penang. since we’ve had kids we’ve only ever taken vacations that included extended family at the destination. there’s a whole big world out there and we’re gonna get to see a bit of it.

5 thoughts on “no more pencils, no more books

  1. Weird. I thought it was Winter there, your still in the Northern Hemisphere then? I really should brush up on my geography!

    yep, northern hemisphere. and i think they could label their seasons. hot, hotter, wet & hot and maybe not hot – no – it’s hot

  2. I am so jealous. We still have one more day. It drives me crazy. The oldest has exams, so fine, I get that. But the 7 year old? Movies and snacks all day today, fun day tomorrow. They haven’t had reading in two weeks, haven’t done any work all this week. Why do we have to go this long into the summer? How about we end at Memorial Day and just agree to actually work right up until the day before the last day. I don’t mind ONE day of fun!

    i know, for the older one the last week was all field trips, all the time. but he enjoyed them and i don’t think he would have preferred to be home. the younger too had a few things, reports and stuff, but i have a hard time believing they actually changed any grades. i’m sure grades were turned in by friday. no matter when they get out there’s always a few days at least of nonsense.

  3. Sorry, off on a tangent. The pics were great. It sounds like they did a lot of cool stuff for their Native American Day–what a great way for the kids to have fun and still learn. I think it’s great that your kids are starting to see the upside to what you’re doing.

    i was pleasantly surprised that all the kids talked about when school starts next year and seeing their friends. a marked change. but this summer many of their friends will be traveling so that will make it hard.

  4. sounds like too much fun, today is cam last day, no has been out for a week, that makes for a fun household. summer bickering has begun!

    maybe that’s what they should call this season, not summer, but bicker 😛

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