and they’re off

today was departure day for my mom. she’s headed back to the states, back to driving on the right – and the right – side of the road, back to fritos, back to her own bed and back to dr. pepper. it went something like this.

first, she checked in and found out she could check her luggage through to dallas – yippee.

then, upstairs to immigration and international departures

and then she boarded her plane and was off.

at the same time, sort of – but not exactly – bh, too, was boarding a plane. back to us. eventually. with a stop in hong kong. so really, back our way. and he has with him the one and only thing i could think of to ask him to bring me.

hopefully, they will still be intact when he boards his next plane. that really will bring him home. for a day.

6 thoughts on “and they’re off

  1. I’m sure you’ll miss your mom. I hope you had a good visit. Enjoy your Fritos…and your hubs!

    i will definitely miss my mom. i’m a bit worried that i’ll never open the fritos because i would hate to eat them all!

  2. yay fritos!!! You could make a frito pie and eat the whole thing yourself! I might do that for myself today too…

    except i haven’t found any good cheddar cheese here. 😦

  3. sorry to hear your mom is off it looked like you had a great visit! hope he brought you a case of Fritos!

    it was a lovely visit and it went by fast. i’m thinking he has one bag with him. i’ll know tomorrow.

  4. It was wonderful visiting with you guys. Peace of mind and wonderful memories abound. Ahhh, a nap without a snap! I hid the camera in case your dad had any ides. I love you and love your new life. Makes me sort of envious of your opportunities and adventures. January will be here soon. Love, Mom

    we had a great time and something about you being here makes it all more real now. someone told me that would happen (ruth) the kids and i were just talking about how quickly january would get here! love you, too

  5. AH Fritos. I think I have Fritos clearing customs RIGHT NOW! At least I hope I do.

    i adore fritos! i didn’t realize how much until i opened the first bag… yummeee!!

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