another warning? and then some

the day after the fish in the driveway incident i found this. outside my back door.

message? or just a freak coincidence? i’m not sure. but i’m now a bit paranoid.


ever see that movie mannequin? i haven’t, but i think i stumbled upon a cast reunion party. or something like it.


and last, i think someone is missing colorado just a bit.

the melancholy comes and goes. and i guess last night he was experiencing a touch of it.


3 thoughts on “another warning? and then some

  1. Not a great start to the day, I’m sure. Sorry that happened.

    it’s just freaky weird. and now i’m wonderin’ what could be next.

  2. Wow you just have all kinds of critters! By the way the appt went great! Just a low heart rate. I will email later.

    yes, all kinds. but mostly gross.

  3. Maybe there’s a cat who loves you and is leaving these by your door? Just a thought….

    maybe. i wonder how i might tell that cat i prefer jewelry?

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