how to eat fried worms

me? i have no idea – c14 says not to spend time savoring them. pop them in your mouth, two chews, and then swallow them down.

and what do they taste like?? nope, not chicken. just like french fries – so i hear.

7 thoughts on “how to eat fried worms

  1. And now you’ve heard it from two sources. Trust c14: they are like French fries. What’s not to like about that?

    maybe i’ll get brave enough. but not for those crazy big cockroaches…

  2. Hey, and it’s a great book too! 🙂

    loved the book, but not sure i’m gonna love eating them.

  3. Ummm I will not ever eat those 😛

    you sound a bit like sam i am. not that there’s anything wrong with sam i am.

  4. I would not want to know how he knows that. YUCK!

    he ate one. yuck. using the same mouth he kisses his mother with. or did, before he got too cool.

  5. I’d rather re-read the book than eat the actual worm.

    yes, that sounds like the best plan. but i’m guessing if you gotta eat one (i don’t know why you’d have to, but…) then fried is probably the way to go!

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