haiku friday – raining fish


fish in my driveway
no idea how it got there
did we miss a flood

it seems a bit odd
go outside and there’s a fish
has us all stymied

would have been better
if big enough to feed us
puny little thing

could it be the same
as a horse’s head in bed
from don corleone?

15 thoughts on “haiku friday – raining fish

  1. Just a random fish on your drive? How odd.

    Probably more Monty Python than Don Corleone though. 🙂

    yep, a bit weird. and it was right outside the driver door of our car. maybe a message??

  2. Ha!

    That is quite weird.

    But you’re right. The horses head would be much more devastating.

    and maybe harder to come by. i don’t think i’ve seen a horse since we got here. but i’m sure they have them…

  3. Wow! Isn’t that the start of some sort of biblical plague? That one is a true mystery. Stay safe!

    goodness gracious. i sure hope not!!

  4. Vewy, vewy stwange….

    monty python? i don’t know if this is the place to confess, but i’ve never seen a monty python movie… not one.

  5. That’s actually pretty hilarious in that weird and random what the hell? kind of way. Loved the ‘ku and the picture of the oddness 🙂

    thanks! i’m learning to always have a camera at the ready!

  6. Maybe somebody dropped it there by mistake? 😉

    Nice ‘ku…and thanks for the photo…so hilarious!

    i’ll have to start looking for likely suspects!

  7. That’s kinda crazy. Maybe it’s a Thai good luck or welcome to the neighborhood thing?

    a bottle of wine might have been a clearer message 🙂

  8. mysterious fish
    out of water … posing a
    puzzle to be solved

    Fun ‘Ku today!
    Hugs and blessings,

    fish out of water… lately that could describe me!

  9. Hey chickadee or chickadude, emial me your phone #…might be able to make “professional/business” calls over DSN…if not, I’ll just use my calling card!

    will do, but chickadud is in san diego.

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