cooking school, again

today we went to cooking school. my third one to try out. and, by far, it had the best ambiance. see…

beautiful. we started with a tour of the organic farm the cooking school is located in the middle of. our instructor told us all about the vegetables, fruits and herbs they grow.

the first thing we made was curry paste. it’s hard work.

10 minutes later – not done, but she’s still smiling

my mom made green curry paste that went into green curry with chicken, which is my favorite, but just to change things up a bit i made red curry with chicken.

then we made soup. we both made tom yam with shrimp. which is quite tasty.

then onto the stir fry. my mom made chicken with basil and i made cashew chicken. yum.

at this point we took a break and gorged ourselves ate all that we had prepared. or at least all of it we could manage to stuff into ourselves. good thing this cooking school composts!

after a break and some wonderful lemon grass tea it was back to work. we had 2 more recipes to go. starting with desert. my mom made mango with sticky rice and i made bananas in coconut milk. (i have no pictures of either because i’d gone a little wonky after eating all that food.) and we brought both of these dishes home because it was absolutely impossible to eat one more bite.

and for our final dish we made spring rolls. they also came home with us. and it would seem i had gathered up a bit of my senses because i managed to snap a picture.

7 thoughts on “cooking school, again

  1. Wow! That food looks delish! Sounds like you had a fabulous time. Yes. A nap well deserved!

    i do believe that we have been very blessed with the food in thailand. it is wonderful!!

  2. Well done! And it looks fun. Love how you are embracing this whole new world! I’d be batoning the hatches and ordering Pizza every night 😛

    thankfully, thai food is lovely. but i think my oldest would cut off an ear if he could have some chicken and dumplin’s.

  3. Looks fun but dammit now I want some food. this hopsital food just isnt curtting it 😉

    kaylee, i can so understand! hospital food isn’t exactly gourmet!

  4. food looks great! i’m jealous!!! looks like nanny is really enjoying her visit and taking in every minute she has there!

    yep. it’s go, go, go. well, not yesterday or today. they’re rest, rest, rest.

  5. Yummy!

    I made your pad thai recipe last week. Very yummy. Although I’ve come to realize that it’s one of those dishes that you sort of improvise on after a while. I added curry this last time and it gave it a great flavor.

    Any other recipes you’d like to share? 🙂

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