weekend update

it’s all such a blur, but i’ll do my best to remember it – with some pictures, of course.

friday afternoon was the cheerio show at the school. let me help out those of you who are not thai nor british. this cheerio isn’t the breakfast cereal, this is the one that means good-bye. it’s the good-bye to all the graduating seniors and all the families who won’t be returning next year. (don’t get me started on how my kids are learning to say things like mum and cheerio and to add u to words that don’t require a u – like colour – at an american school. i really find it more amusing than anything else.)

so the 7th grade – c14’s grade – is performing “we go together” from grease. and i saw none of it because i was stuck in a corner selling cokes. but my mom and bh took pics.

look, it’s our very own kenickie!

and the group. they seem pretty in to it for all the complaining we heard.

friday night c14, a11, mom and i watched a movie – martian child.

saturday was bike day. a11, my mom and i went out hunting bikes and we were successful. we returned with 3, one for each kid. we had to hire a songthaew to bring the bikes and my mom and a11 to the house. i followed closely behind the songthaew, just in case the driver got a wild hair and decided to make a run for it. i mean my mom is hawt. so the temptation was there.

while we were out shopping, b14 was entertaining some friends at the house and working on a few projects for school. he had 3 assigned on friday that were due on monday. love the end of the year rush.

sunday was a bit more touristy stuff with my mom. we (meaning my mom and i) started out with foot massages. made for a very good start, but might possibly have been an even better finish. never the less, a good way to spend an hour.

then we returned to the sunday walking street. where we discovered that it is far bigger than i knew! we saw much more than we had in the past, but still skipped quit a bit of it. while in the area we paid a visit to the three kings monument.

we also took a few moments to watch these young ladies perform some traditional thai dancing. there was some sort of ceremony happening, but we don’t know what it was.

then we came across these puppeteers. they were most impressive.

and then we headed for mexican food and margaritas. which i have no pictures of but they were fantastic. i can only imagine how amazing the foot massage and the margaritas together would have been.

we made a quick trip through the night market and headed home. it had started raining about the time we left the restaurant.

we came through the front door to see c14’s completed math project. it took him hours and i am not convinced of it’s educational value. it seems a pretty big undertaking for one weekend. i find the whole thing fairly annoying. maybe it’s because i don’t care much for this teacher.

it was 8 o’clock when my mom and i walked through the door. we forced ourselves to stay awake for another 1 and 1/2 hours – because 8 pm just seems such a pansy time to be in bed – and then headed to bed and were out.

6 thoughts on “weekend update

  1. Golly, it’s all go, go, go!
    Sounds like fun though 🙂
    Oh, colour definitely needs a u!

    don’t i know it – well, at least now i know it. and neighbour needs a u, too! 😉

  2. As for the shot of c14 in the school show, the one with the girl in the purple skirt:

    i know. bad, bad mom!

  3. wow, girls huh, they grow up so fast! foot massage is that like a pedicure or better?

    it’s like waaaayyyyyy better!

  4. Is that a tessalation for math? My son had to do one of those this week, too. Except he found a way to do Link’s head (from the Zelda games).

    And I must say you are VERY brave trying Mexican food there. At least they can do spicy right. I tried some in London. Bad choice.

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