another full day

this morning, my mom and i got up and ready early so we could ride in to town with the kids on the songthaew that takes them to school. then we started walking until we found a tuk-tuk to take us to the moat. at the moat we had breakfast and then found a bus to take us to bhubing palace and wat prathat doi suthep. then we accidentally walked from the moat to the kids’ school. we kept meaning to stop a songthaew or a tuk-tuk… at the school we watched the elementary classes do their end of the year performance. them my mom and the kids came home on the songthaew and i accidentally walked to the office where we teach english. all this was well and good and a ton of fun for us. great memories. we were feeling pretty good about what we had gotten done. and then




tonight my mom and i are resting, recouping from our accidental walking, just kickin’ back when waan started going crazy. he really would have liked to finish tearing the screen off the door. so we looked out, thinking, cat, squirrel, other dog? and we were wrong. it was none of those. it was tokay. big scary tokay. big scary tokay with a bat in its mouth. a real live bat. that it wanted to eat. and i’m certain that anyone who might have been looking at our house at that moment fell down laughing and probably has yet to recover. because it went something like…

dog going crazy. my mom and i yelling at dog going crazy. mom and i curious about just what has the dog going so crazy. then the calm before the storm as we realized just what we were looking at as the tokay was battling to carry this living, breathing, not ready to give up the ghost bat across the front porch and then the tokay realized it was being looked at. and dropped it’s prey. and ran. while we are battening down the hatches. slamming doors and windows and locking them. and every 30 seconds going over to peak out the door to see if the bat is still there and it is, until it isn’t. maybe it was only stunned and was able to make a get away, or maybe the tokay came back to finish the job. and now we won’t sleep because we know, just know, that tokay is waiting to eat our toes.

and i’m in such bad shape i can’t even remember what tense i’m writing in, much less thinking in. and bh is thoroughly disgusted with us because we didn’t have the presence of mind to take any pictures. we were in survival mode and packing boxes and booking flights back to the states. there was no time for pictures.

5 thoughts on “another full day

  1. The best part is your writing about the incident. No pictures needed, they’re all in my head…better than any you could have taken. I’m doing what Barney always talked aobut…using my imagination! ROFLMAO

    you are so right… some people just must not have much of an imagination 😉

  2. excitement, excitement, I bet your mom cant get enough no wonder she is so tired. i wish you were serious about packing up — are you?

    no, no, not serious. just joshin’, but that tokay has me a bit ooked out. 😦

  3. Wow! We need more Tokay stories. The kids and the hubs love them! I’m sure you could use less Tokay though.

    we’re torn on the tokay. he scares the poo out of us, but he also keeps the small rodents and large bugs at bay…

  4. okay…i would have soiled my pants right there! forget the camera, save yourself!

    that’s almost exactly what we said to bh!! 😀

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