my own private idaho, or rather thailand

no sleeping today. today we went to the women’s prison gift shop. my mom was all about what a good idea this would be, it is a must see, let’s get there. and i was all about – this is a prison where they keep women and i am a woman… am i illegally parked? oh no, now we’re jaywalking… this could be very bad. i can’t be incarcerated, because i can’t tat a doily and that must be what all the prisoners do because the gift shop was loaded with doilies. but thankfully we weren’t nabbed for any kind of illegal activity. i’m betting there aren’t any jay walking laws in thailand, not that i want to find out. and i breathed a great big sigh of relief when the prison was in my rear view mirror.

then for something far more civilized – the umbrella factory. where i bought this

and we came home and created our own little paradise

where we can sit and read and drink tea with lime – if that’s what you like. that’s my mom’s drink. i’m thinking possibly a margarita machine would do in my personal paradise.

the tea with lime had these limes in it. the ones from our neighbor’s tree. they’re not home right now and i figure the limes won’t keep until august – so we’re doing them a favor, right?

and in our paradise we had doritos – and these aren’t your momma’s doritos, these are made with 100% australian corn.

a few bites of these and i was hearing

“he just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich
and he said, i come from a land down under…”

and i learned something about paradise… it’s very difficult to sit out there and read – paradise can be way too distracting.

5 thoughts on “my own private idaho, or rather thailand

  1. I love the umbrella. It’s so bright and cheerful. Unfortunately, when your mom is gone, perhaps paradise won’t be so distracting. I would totally use the limes. you are definitely helping them out. The prison shop would have given me the heebie-jeebies. Interesting though.

    always glad to lend a hand! 😀

  2. Hey girl! We’re having a simultaneous blog reading experience! Good morning! Your back patio is BEAUTIFUL!!

    thank you! i’ve been keeping up with your marathon progress – you go girl!! just having difficulty finding the time to comment right now. hope your able to baby your knee enough and get through!

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