busy bees

a day of sightseeing accomplished. we loved the elephant parks – we had to go to two. one for the show and one for riding. the show was fantastic – started with a bath (for the elephants, of course).

then a show – they played soccer, they painted, they created music with harmonicas (and i have to be honest here and tell you that i didn’t notice the harmonicas at first and thought that the swinging around of their trunks was making noise, you know – like the musical tube things.)

and we got to get up close and personal with the elephants

then it was off to the monkey school – creepy monkey school. the kids thought it was great, wanted to bring a monkey home with them, keep it as a pet. but i think everyone over the age of 14 thought it was pretty creepy. yuck. many of the male monkeys seemed to be in a constant state of, hmmm, how to say this delicately, maturity.

then to the next elephant park for elephant and ox cart riding. i never would have made it across america in a horse drawn carriage – those things are a bit rough. while we were riding the elephants we came across a momma and her a few month old baby.

and then we went to visit the akha hill tribe. we arrived there fairly late in the day, not much activity happening, but very interesting.

then home. where a photo op of my mom sleeping was missed, probably because i was sleeping, too.

7 thoughts on “busy bees

  1. These pictures are wonderful. What an amazing experience. The elephant playing soccer picture is my favorite.

    thanks. the elephants are quite cool. and it was pretty neat getting to get so up close and personal!

  2. But was there a charging baby elephant this time?

    I am sure I would have had the “No freakin’ way are we bringing one of those creepy little things home with us!” conversation too.

    oh, and they were so creepy. and no charging baby elephant, but we kept our eyes out for him. s8 is fairly certain he saw him getting ready to charge… 🙂

  3. By the way—I don’t know how Nanny feels about the sleeping pictures but I must have a jillion of them from when Lullibell as an infant and everyone thought it was cool to take a picture of me after I finished nursing her and went into a coma!

    I was not laughing!

    oh, nanny loves the sleeping pictures. of course, she does. no, really she does. doesn’t she?

  4. public is soo happy!!! love the pictures and you and your mom look cute with your matching hats!

    glad i can do my part! 😀

  5. I LOVE these pics. My kids would go nuts over the elephants!

    the elephants were great! i really liked the bathing, we were really close up.

  6. Looks like your showing Mom the time of her life. The pictures are great, btw… does Mom know that you photoshop’d her head on that guy bathing the elephant? Too funny!!

    i don’t know nothing about no photoshop! she got down there with those elephants. we had to pull her away!

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