the cinema

yep, we took my mom to the movies – you know, cuz they don’t have that in the u.s. we went to see speed racer, on a school night. i’m telling you, she’s getting a real cultural eye opener from us!

that was yesterday evening. yesterday day we all (bh, my mom and me – the kids were in school) got to do something that was new and different and interesting. we went to a compassion international l.d.p. graduation (leadership development program). the ceremony included a good deal of thai tradition. there were 13 students graduating. and two of the sponsor families made the trip to participate! these families committed to helping their sponsored student through monthly financial support, letters and prayer. it’s not a small commitment, but i think each sponsor would say it is well worth it. after the ceremony lunch was served. thai style. and my mom was quite brave. she tried it all. only asked what something was once and – when i couldn’t tell her – she still ate it! even the tofu.

One thought on “the cinema

  1. Way to go Mom!!!

    We loved speed racer even though it was verrrryy predictable!

    yes, it was very predictable! but pretty good and sam thought it was laugh out loud funny!

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