life – sometimes it gets in the way

what great things have we shown my mom today? well, the hospital – at least the outside of it – when we dropped bh off to have his infected ear (ouch) looked at. and the drug store – where we attempted to pick up bh’s over the counter prescription drugs, but weren’t able to. the kids’ school – she got to wait with the kids’ while bh and i had a meeting with c14’s math teacher, whom i would love to tell you all about, but my mom’s here and she always said, “if you can’t say something nice, then shut your pie hole.” or something like that. and then she got to stay at home while bh and i went to teach our english classes. and i know i said y’all at least 5 times during my class. but i have yet to say tumpt, but i’ll figure how to work it in winey.

about the best we’ve done today, as far as giving my mom a taste of thailand goes, is bringing home dinner from the market. a veritable thai feast.

oh, and we had another tokay spotting. she’s thinking she might like one if she could get it leash trained!

5 thoughts on “life – sometimes it gets in the way

  1. 🙂 I used to to “Dude!” my kids all the time in Taiwan. It was hard to break! Enjoy time with mom!

    i’m not even aware i’m saying it – which makes it all that much harder to stop!!

  2. glad you are holding up your end of the bargin by making life exciting every day that your mom is there! never a dull moment in your house! hope the lizard stays clear!

    yep, never let it be said we don’t do it right here!! and she gets two more hospital visits this week. bh has to go back for his ear and i have to go have my stitches out!!

  3. Ya’ll sound like ya’ll are having quite the regular old time there…just like CO only half the world away!

    1/2 the world away and hotter!

  4. okay I know the mom is there but come on I am having blog withdrawls! you must tell us all the scoop on the visit!

    sorry, sorry. didn’t realize how much time it took to blog 🙂

  5. I agree with Carrie, I have a hard time getting through the day unless I read a new blog from you!

    may not keep up with daily for the next little bit, but will do my best to keep up!! 🙂

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