she’s here! she’s here!

here’s my picture documentary of this morning –

this is where we start.

it seems almost unreal.

missed the greeting. and it wasn’t documented, because of the tears.

and then she led us home.

7 thoughts on “she’s here! she’s here!

  1. I am so happy for you! I know you have missed her terribly. Have a wonderful time (and give her a hug from me).

    thank you and i will!

  2. i am so happy for you getting your mom for mothers day!

    thank you, carrie. who’d have ever thunk it? 😉

  3. i am so proud of big sis traveling all that way by her lil ole self! way to go sis! you guys have lots of fun and give everyone hugs and kisses.

    she is quite brave!

  4. Tell Nanny I said hi too! Hope all is going well. Sorry about the contract on your house. At least we are stateside to deal w/ ours (which I’m sick of!). This sucks…oh well, at least me and WM and you and Walls boy can enjoy suckiness together! I think you and WM each need to get a bottle of vino and call each other (or IM—cheaper! a rent and a mortgage gets expensive!) for a “house wine night”! Wait a minute, if you get drunk, Walls boy gets lucky and WM is couple thousand miles away…not fair! Anyway, I’m sure WM told you, we are clearing house next week, putting stuff in storage down her, her and the monsters w/ the “outlaws” (you know I love ’em…so no lip). Things are o.k. in Tampa…really like the duty. I head to Bahrain in July, hopefull make it back in time for VTHemi’s nuputuals (talk about the ultimate doghouse if I’m not!), back here for a bit (’bout 10 days) and back in the Springs for 3 weeks in Aug. God is funny…get them close enough for more frequent visits and back to where I’m/we are trying to leave. Long note…kisses to all…even your Hubby Monster. Miss y’all—we ever get settled again I think me and WM might need a vacation to the Temple of Thai (hear they got some exotic hunting!)—“you got to kill it to grill it!” Ted Nugent—Love y’all—TFD

    there’s something very final about you buys leaving now! but it will be great when you can live in the same state!!

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