haiku p.s.a.


it’s national melanoma/skin cancer detection and prevention month!

i’m celebrating
at least participating
4 cancers removed

one was squamous cell
easily treated, freeze it
caught very early

two were basal cell
excision is required
scars small price to pay

one melanoma?
biopsy is still pending
stitches in my butt

stupid as a kid
“wear hat and sunscreen,” dad says
but i was too cool

how can i defend
skin self-exams, sunscreen, hat
doesn’t seem too hard

you should do it, too
no better time than right now
take care of yourself

20 thoughts on “haiku p.s.a.

  1. What a great poem. Thank you for it. My mom always said everyone can at least serve as a bad example! Unfortunately, I think I’m going to be one too. I had too many blistering sunburns to count when I was little. I’m old enough to remember when the radio DJ used to tell you in the summer to turn over every half hour or so. At least that’s changed. Good luck to you.

    your mom spoke the truth! i don’t know about you, but i wore each of those sunburns like a badge of honor. every “ouch, that looks like it hurts!” was a badge of honor

  2. a cool p.s.a
    it is appreciated
    happy all is well!

    thank you, winey! all is almost well, i can’t believe how much it hurts to sit. but at least it’s temporary!!

  3. Love that post and Good luck too you! ::praying that you are better soon!

    thank you so much, kaylee!! now just have to stay on top of it and not wait 10 yrs for a dr. to do another skin check…

  4. now I am worried considering in my younger days I layed in the sun with butter rubbed all over me! that cant be good! never considered it an issue before now. I know I am much more of a sun worshiper than you so the odds are against me!

    just keep an eye on your skin and have your husband keep an eye on the places where the sun don’t shine… bh actually found my first one and the dr. wasn’t convinced it was anything because it was so small…

  5. well i am glad that things are getting better 🙂

    thank you, kaylee. you are too sweet.

  6. Very nice ‘Ku! I hope things go well with you…and nice tips! Sometimes we take our skin for granted…it is the most used, misused and abused part of us!

    Happy Friday!

    thanks, mariposa!! you’re so right. the hard thing with skin is the abuses we cause don’t show immediately and when we’re young (or at least when i was young) it was all about right now…

    and happy friday to you, too!!

  7. A clever ‘ku-ish way to teach a lesson!
    I hope you will be all better soon. 🙂

    thanks, joyce! after haiku friday i spend a day or so constantly counting syllables. it’s addicting!

  8. Very nice ‘ku. I’m trying to do better by my kiddos and screening them up on the way out the door.
    Btw, I enjoy how you respond to everyone’s comments.

    when my mom gets here she’s bringing sunscreen – our stock is low and it’s expensive here – i only have a few bottles, but i’d like to have enough that we could have them by the doors, in our bags, etc…

    i really enjoy replying to comments, it makes it more like a conversation – a very short one.8)

  9. Just saw ’cause everyone wants to know. Have fun with your Mom!
    Good luck sitting, at least it should get easier.

    i’m so excited! and i know she’s gonna be beat when she gets here, but we’re gonna do our best to keep her awake all day!!

  10. Thank you. I totally agree. My kids always wear sunscreen. Too bad I didn’t when i was younger. I do now though. Hopefully the results for you come back neg. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    thank you, jules! i could do a better job on my kids – but i try to get them when i know they will be out for long periods. i should do it everyday!

  11. I try not to be as dumb as I was when I was younger, but this is a good reminder, and timely, too, headed into summer. Great ‘ku that may have saved someone’s life or at least a bunch of scary medical hassle.

    oh, i so hope i’m smarter than i was when i was young, maybe not quite a smart as i thought i was though!

  12. I am vigilant with my kids and now with myself. As a kid, though? A tan was so cool! The idea of my children never enduring a sunburn is crazy and wonderful to me. Great post and I am hoping for good news from your biopsy….

    the sad thing was i never tanned. at one point i was hoping all my freckles would just grow together so i wouldn’t be so darn pasty!

  13. Great reminder! I am the freckle queen, so I’ve always tried to be careful, but it never hurts to remember why I’m being careful! Hope your results are negative and no more future scares! Happy Friday!

    thanks, jenni! and happy friday to you, too!

  14. Good one! My husband went through pretty much the exact same situation that it looks like you did. Not fun, but you live and learn. I am much more vigilant about myself, the kids AND him now.
    Nice post!

    mandy, thanks. some lessons are learned the hard way, but at least they are learned!

  15. I am so careful with the boys – talk about hypocritical though, I always hated wearing it myself! Now I won’t leave the house without factor 100 slapped on!

    not hypocritical at all. change is good, especially a change like that!

  16. My prayers are with you
    as you wait for the results.
    My sister, like you

    regularly sees
    dermatologist for these
    scans and treatments too.

    Hugs and blessings,

    story, thanks. i’m so thankful that it is fairly easy to keep an eye on, just have to be diligent. which really isn’t too much to ask.

  17. I’m crossing my fingers for you and your biopsy results.

    I am always careful with the kids, but my husband, who spent all his days in the sun unprotected as a child, still goes out without sunscreen. Idiot!!

    truth be told, i have to force myself to put it on. i’d much rather not. but i have learned 🙂

  18. I wouldn’t worry too much. Your mom’s coming! And, what excellent advice. I wish we had known to wear sunscreen all the time when we were younger.

    true, and we’ll have a great time! when i was younger i just thought sunscreen, schmunscreen. (i probably didn’t really think that, it was just my attitude!

  19. Scary stuff, but at least you are on top of it.

    Too bad you couldn’t have gotten a posting in Sweeden where the sun isn’t as much of an issue…:)

    seems here i can’t avoid the sun!

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