new neighbor

this little fellow has taken up residence on our residence. he’s a tokay gecko, aka the pit bull of the gecko world. sounds charming, doesn’t he? thank God he seems content to be outside and hasn’t decided to move in with us, because i’ve done enough reading to know he’s not the friendliest when confronted and s8 would be all over confronting him.

you can hear what he sounds like by clicking here, and it is so totally worth the time and effort it will take to go listen. and while you’re listening imagine you’re in bed trying to fall asleep and every 5 min or so you hear this lovely mating call.

11 thoughts on “new neighbor

  1. i swear it is saying “big bird” another great post from you! i keep myself entertained daily with your humor in everyday life.

    i had never thought “big bird” before, but i get it! all i know is he is loud!!

  2. I would seriously never sleep again. My 6yo just heard that from the other room and asked what in the world that noise was!

    we have gotten to where we can tune him out. but for the first few weeks i was pretty sure i’d never sleep!

  3. “big bird” exactly!!!! The most exotic creatures in COS are back living in the fir tree in my front yard…stupid 4 o’clock in the am finches!

    Can’t wait to see the pics of the ER in Chiang Mai after s8 confronts him!!!

    i think s8 is a bit scared right now. after we told him when he bites he doesn’t let go until he wants to, well, he just pictures poor gattree being flung across the room after he bit bh. and that gives visions of just shaking and shaking and shaking and him still be attached!!

  4. NO WAY! Do you run every time you go out the front door?

    he hides during the day, thankfully. and at night, my biggest fear is that he’ll come in through a door someone left open…

  5. Don’t worry for the month I am there – I will be door monitor and they will be CLOSED TIGHT. See you soon. Love, Mom

    i know i can count on you. you’ll be highly motivated because i hear that they love to sleep all comfy cozy with charming silver haired ladies!! 🙂

  6. Great post.. those things scare me but I sleep well. Great recording isn’t it?? !!

    it is a very good recording! and keep my guard up at night… i don’t like it when i don’t know where he is. which is most of the time!

  7. That’s just lovely! NOT! It would be ok to look at and hear at the zoo!

    i agree, it would be just fine at the zoo. but so close to me… well, at least we won’t have mice!

  8. Ohhh, mannnnn, yuuckkkk. Does it really have red eyes or is that like human “red eye”? It’s the red eyes that creep me out. Puppy gone and this comes instead . . . I’m sorry, Tm.

    no the red eyes are just “red eye”… i just imagine him falling off the the top of a wall or something and right on to my head… give me the heeby-jeebies.

  9. That is really, really cool. My 7 year old would absolutely love that. OK, the noise…totally annoying. Also, I must say that it is really, really cool because it is there–I can’t imagine actually having it right outside my house–yuck!

    kids see the cool in so much yuck! 😉

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  11. wow….i listened to it, and got all creeped out thinking about trying to sleep with that sound going on….but my boys were laughing their heads off and kept asking to hear it again. they made me listen to it 10 times!

    i know, my kids love it! except when he’s right outside their windows. we have to leave our windows open at night or we’d bake – and there’s a bit of a fear that he might manage to open one!!

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