might not be the best idea

bh and i are gonna be teachin’ english. don’t worry, he’ll be doing the written part – handling all the capital letters and such. i’m going to be teaching conversational english. my qualifications – i love to talk. i know words and i need to use them. and i somehow need to pass this on to thai speakers. and i have no idea how. i would love to take a tefl course but there’s no time between now and wednesday. especially since i still have to wrap up my thai class. at the last school (i heart that school) my kids attended they used shurley grammar and had all these little jingles they sang.

a sentence, sentence, sentence is complete, complete, complete…

this little noun, floating around, names a person, place or thing…

there are alot of these jingles and such catchy tunes. but i’m thinking this might not work with adults. adults who wouldn’t understand the jingles and might possibly feel silly singing them. so, we’ve found a website or two to help us out, ideas for games, lesson plans and such. and i am going to try to take a tesl class this summer, but i might have already ruined any chance at all for these lovely people to speak english.

5 thoughts on “might not be the best idea

  1. best of luck with that as if you dont have anything else to do!!!

    a bit of me thinks just that, but it will be nice to get to know the people in the compassion office!

  2. …when 5 simple rules it meets meets meets!

    I love that jingle!

    Miss you guys!

    Oh yeah and please teach them the proper use of tumped

    tumped is the first lesson and if it takes more than one to get all the nuances of the word down, well, so be it

  3. this is great… now, there will be Thai people with a Texas accent and talk fast! Great outlet for you and you get to work with bH…. perfect combination. can’t wait to hear the next chapter

    i am slightly worried about my linguistic influence and the damage it might do…

  4. I teach ESL here in Oklahoma and remember, you have to walk before you can name a noun! You’ll do great!

    now i’m worried because i don’t know what this means…

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