got it at a red light

the other day, c14 and i were stopped at a red light, sharing hair styling tips – cuz he now recognizes that i’ve been there done that – and feeling like a light snack. luckily for us, we just had to roll down our window and get the attention of the guy working that intersection. now, we’ve stopped at this intersection at least once a day since we’ve lived here and this fellow is always there and we’ve never been tempted to buy from him. but i guess bonding over hair care must really work up an appetite because c14 couldn’t get the window down fast enough. once our purchase had been made c14 opened the bag and we found three of these…

and we had no idea what they were. or what they were made of. or anything. c14 immediately started chowing down and i began brainstorming for any and all ingredients i thought these crackers (they might be crackers), cookies (possibly cookies), firm pancakes (maybe) could possibly be made out of. i briefly considered fried snail slime or maybe the fat of something (like pork rinds). but really still have no idea. bh thinks maybe the stuff they use to make rice cakes (i think that’s called rice) and we know they are slightly sweet. the texture is like that of a pork rind – with the same kind of crunch. but no more investigation can be done, because they are gone. and c14 says we should get them again, since they are so very convenient.

One thought on “got it at a red light

  1. not sure I would be able to try something when I didnt know what it was! c14 is a little dare devil!

    he is certainly the bravest when it comes to food – he’s up for pretty much anything. except not the bugs

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