good news and new news

good news: stitches are out. pathology is back. margins are clear. makes me happy.

new news: full body skin check done today. more spots. one, another basal cell most likely – the other, a very troubling mole. both to be removed next week. then another week to wait for biopsy report. blah. oh, and the mole? it’s on my buttocks. i’m thinking stitches there might make sitting difficult.

other news: still no pui.

9 thoughts on “good news and new news

  1. Good for the good news, sorry for the new news, hope it’s good news soon.

    thanks, angie! it will be two weeks on the new news, but only a week before i have to figure out hot to sit with the stitches :)!

  2. keep us posted, i will pray for clear margins (learning about this)

    thanks and i will keep updated…

  3. Glad to hear about the good news. Now the new news turns out good as well….

    thanks, sandy! bh says my worrying about it is pointless right now, but it’s okay to be worried about the sitting situation!!🙂

  4. sorry to hear about the moles and about pui

    thanks, carrie! i think we can officially say pui is gone. 😦

  5. Yay for the first part

    😦 Hugs for the 2nd

    And not too sure how we are supposed to feel about the third 😉

    xx thinking of you xx

    thanks, bb. and about the third, the proper emotion is to look distraught.

  6. Yay for clean margins! Yay that you can have the others removed so quickly! Sorry for the kids about the dog!

    thanks, wm. and the kids are now certain we should look for a replacement. but i’m tough!!

  7. Here’s hoping that new news soon becomes good news — at least it was found right?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog — I’m interested to check yours out–can’t imagine moving around the world like you’ve done!

    i’m hoping for good news, too. i love haiku friday, get to visit many blogs i wouldn’t find otherwise!

  8. 1. YAY! 2nd part: at least they are finding them all I just pray that you will be okay soon.Mythoughts are with yoyu 🙂

    thank you, kaylee. i hope you are having a better week.

  9. glad to hear that you are ok and i really hope that the other tests come back clear too.

    i’m terribly sad about the dog 😦 hopefully he is safe somewhere

    i’m hoping to get an all clear report on thursday when i go get these stitches out! i have to think he’s just been adopted by another family and he’s all happy and well loved!!

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