like mother like son

me, sometime in the early 80’s & c14, when he was still c13

he’s got my hair. and he doesn’t think it’s funny.

10 thoughts on “like mother like son

  1. Amazing. I can’t wait to see you guys. I told Nancy (my sister) that I was a little worried about being kidnapped for the sex trade since i’ll be traveling alone. she assured me that i am too old to be interesting for such thing. Made me feel much better. See you soon. Love, Mom

    that is just not true! great strides have been made in the sex trade, but at it’s height, you were just what they were looking for! 😉

  2. bwahahaha Our goal of finding what could possibly be the best way to embarrass a teenage boy to death has been met!

    and the teenage years have just begun!!:)

  3. wow! cant believe how much he looks like you! bet he hates that. i am sure you guys are getting excited for your mom to come!

    isn’t it funny? we are counting down the days!! 10 to go

  4. that is hilarious. didn’t realize how much you looked alike. cool pictures.

    i didn’t realize how much we looked alike, either. i’d always thought he looked just like his daddy… but now we have proof!

  5. your mom cracks me up!!! that is hilarious. hope she has a great, adventurous trip

    i’m hoping that the flight isn’t the most adventurous part!

  6. I think that is adorable. I’m sure c14 doesn’t. My son got my curly hair too which is upsetting to him. He wants a mohawk and can’t get it to work. (i’m kinda thankful for that)

    we’ve done the mohawk, chan’s hair was always a bit wavy, but didn’t begin to really curl up until we moved here – it’s the humidity!!

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  8. Amazing likeness! And yes, that is the best way to ever to embarrass a teenager. Lucky you

    i am just tickled pink by this find, and so early in the teen years.

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