how’d he do that

so what do the right reverend wright, the top chef logo, donald rumsfeld, the tv show breaking bad, back up blogs and me, i, me, i, whatever have in common? i’m still trying to figure it out. but the paravane (his real name is jimmy – and while jimmy is a perfectly fine name, i just feel so much cooler typing the paravane, so that’s what i’m going with) seems to have some kind of madlib blog generator where he submits random topics and the generator throws out a post. i think he must have tossed the generator the following topics: a current event, a tv show, a logo, a political figure, a noun and a fellow blogger who blog rolls my blog. it’s either that or he posts in a secret spy language, or it could be that i’m going to have to go back and read his post like 55 times to make any sense out of it. which is usually what i have to do. you should, too. it’s worth it. i swear.

oh, and i didn’t mention all the links he has from his post, because i couldn’t remember them all. and we all know that only one of them really matters…

2 thoughts on “how’d he do that

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  2. you’ll be famous throughtout the internet… waiting for the book of ‘transplanting me’

    or possibly just famous in my own little head 😉

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