got milk?

our new mongolian friends have headed home. zoloo’s surgery was a success and he left thailand walking – aided by crutches. and in no time at all he will be strong enough to no longer need the crutches. i’ll say it again, God is good.

this past saturday night we had a party at our place. it’s the first party we’ve had and i think it went pretty well. i had no idea how nerve wracking it would be to try to plan a party and not know how this kingdom does parties. are there customs we should know about? are we gonna offend anyone or maybe even everyone? eventually, i just let it go. what’s a girl to do? besides, this was supposed to be a multi-cultural event. and since we were providing no food, the next best thing we could do was give ’em a little america – whether they want it or not. we picked up the mongolian ladies at the hospital early in the day, took them to the grocery store and brought them back to our house. where for a good part of the afternoon they cooked huushuur. (okay, so, how cool is it that we had traditional mongolian food prepared for us by these lovely mongolian ladies??) later in the afternoon some employees from the compassion international office came (one of them had stopped by the hospital and picked up zoloo so he could eat, too.) and with them they brought pad thai, local fruits and a salad (you know, real live thai food, yum!) a wonderful time was had by all (at least a wonderful time was had by us), bellies were full, and i’m pretty sure we didn’t offend anyone, at least not that we know of. i call that success.

oh, and why is this post titled, “got milk?” well, one of the mongolian ladies shared with us a little bit of mongolian culture. and one thing stuck with me… they play drinking games, sort of. they play a card game and if you lose you have to drink a great big bowl of airag. what, you don’t want to have to check the link to see what it is? then i’ll just tell you. it’s fermented mare’s milk. you know, milk from the teat of a mare – a girl horse. and it can be up to 18 proof. and i’m just guessing it’s nasty.

2 thoughts on “got milk?

  1. Remind me never to play any drinking games if I ever visit Mongolia. Its interesting to see how people are so much alike all over the world.

    you got it, i’ll be sure it never happens.

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