it was bigger than she thought. next friday i return to get the stitches out and she should have the pathology report back so we’ll know if the margins are clear. that’s the result we want. if they aren’t clear it means she didn’t get it all.

11 thoughts on “margins?

  1. HOLY OUCH!!! I know being the big girls in big girl panties that we are that we never let ’em see us sweat but great googly moogly! That is bigger than the one Charlie had removed!

    If the margins are clear yay! If not what is the next step?

    i’m surprised at how much it hurts!! i think someone is gonna take a scalpel to your body you should get pain killers – especially if stitches are involved!! 😉 if they didn’t get it all they try again…

  2. whooooa.. I click on your blog to catch up with your news and I see this! I hope you are doing okay. Fingers and toes crossed everything is clear.

    Putting on my factor 70 sunscreen!!

    thank you, ng! speaking of fingers and toes, every doctor i’ve seen for my skin has checked between my fingers and toes because that is a common spot for skin cancer to be missed!

  3. OMG just read the story 😦 Quite honestly mineis bone cancer but, I know what you are going through!

    kaylee, i am so thankful that it is so easy to detect skin cancer – if you know what you are looking for.

  4. wow, ouch! will you get a cool scar from that at least?

    and just to totally bring down the tone *blush*, I tagged you for a meme the tag over here

    i will be working on that meme later – but i’m off to cooking school today!!
    bh and i were discussing what kind of cool tattoos i could get and work the scar in! 😉

  5. hope everything turns out well on that skin cancer thing! i should probably think about the spf I a in the sun so much.

    yes, sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen… and then more sunscreen!!

  6. i forgot are you serious about the tatoo? it hurts to think about it I am such a wimp!

    no, no tattoo, at least not there. considering continuing on the theme for my ankle. tx & co are both represented, now maybe thailand??

  7. Ouch!! Oh Tm! I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. You sound so brave. Fingers crossed for clear margins. xoxx

    thanks ruth. i’m trying to figure out the balance of concern for this… i mean it is cancer, but it’s skin cancer. and what kind of concern does that warrant?? i think the one on my arm being bigger than expected certainly ups the concern some.

  8. Owie! Hope it turns out ok too. Thanks for the reminder, we just bought some SPF 50 for face and body. It’s starting to finally be spring here, so hopefully we can be outside more. And now we’ll protect our skin too.

    thanks, angie. i’ll know on friday. and load up on that sunscreen and remember to reapply!!

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