spf not enough

i had this little growth on my upper lip. and because of all the unprotected sun exposure i’ve had and the basal cell carcinoma i had removed from my left shoulder 10 years ago i was pretty sure it wasn’t just nothing. and i was right. it was a squamous cell carcinoma. a small one. and it has now been frozen (ouch, that hurts) off my lip. and here’s where i share maybe my biggest – and certainly vainest – fear. that my face will be horribly disfigured by skin cancer. you know, one day there will be something, that in order to get, they will have to dig deep and go wide. and the scarring will be bad. so the doctor and i discussed how to get this thing off my lip and she listed all the options, freeze it (least invasive), scoop it, cut it (most invasive). and i was more than willing to just have it cut off. it’s small, it would leave a very small scar and i wouldn’t have to fear that it isn’t completely gone (a little bitty scar doesn’t worry me, it’s the what if we missed part of it and we made it mad by poking at it so it’s gonna go hay wire and get all aggressive that has me worried). but we opted for freezing it (because it is so small) and keeping an eye on it.

this morning i go back to have a basal cell carcinoma, not as small, removed from my right shoulder. after it is removed and i get some stitches they will send it to the lab to check the margins and be sure they got it all.

so where am i going with all of this? just a friendly reminder to wear sunscreen and a hat. and, also, i guess i’m going to have to say it, “you were right, dad” he was always asking, telling, nagging, harping at (you get the idea) me to wear sunscreen and a hat, but because i was a teenager and immortal and oh so much smarter than him, i didn’t. and dad, fyi, this isn’t a good time to say, “i told you so.”

9 thoughts on “spf not enough

  1. You caught in early it seems. Hopefully they gave you good drugs for the pain…and yes, sun screen is a MUST even if people do not see outward signs of burning.

    Ummm…would it be any help for you if I said there are great plastic surgeons out there if it ever comes down to that?

    i do know that there are great plastic surgeons – but you know how when you have a niggling little fear and then it becomes a little bigger and then it’s just out and out irrational, well, i think that’s where i’m headed.

  2. My mom has had skin cancer and I get so MAD at my husband who “forgets” to wear his sunscreen or doesn’t think it’s important on a cloudy day. I mean seriously we have real arguments about how stupid it is (I mean come on I used to work in a cancer center). His fishing buddy called two nights ago to say that he was going to be traveling to another base for a while for some treatment for SKIN CANCER! I didn’t say I told you so, but I could just see the horror in his eyes.

    My skin care products even have SPF. It’s SO important. I haven’t gone as far as the hat yet though.

    are sunscreens expensive there? they are outrageous here, but my mom is bringing me a stash. i could kick myself now for being to dumb to wear it as a kid -ugh! hope your husband’s fishing buddy’s treatment goes well.

  3. I almost forgot to ask…you are having this medical care in Thailand? Are the MD’s american? if not do you have a translator? How does the care compare to the US?

    yes, i’m having it taken care of here. the dermatologist is thai, but she studied at boston u and her english was wonderful!! the care is very good, i’m shocked at the number of hospitals here i can think of 6 off the top of my head.

  4. glad you are keeping up on watching this. i just got on to my husband this weekend with his shaved head. SUNSCREEN…. he’s had a couple of those removed. keep watching it.

    parents, they become wiser as we grow older

    oh, a sunburn on his bald head – that would hurt!!

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