one of the great things about living in thailand is all the rare and exotic tropical fruit. it’s everywhere. mangos, mangosteen, papaya, guava, longkong, pomelo, litchi, pineapple, coconut, durian, jack fruit, marian plum, etc… lately, we’ve taken a liking to the rambutan. it took us a bit to get past it’s fraggle rock appearance. cuz normally, food + hair = bad thing. but this one is quite tasty.

yep, inside that hairy exterior is this smooth, almost grape like, tasty piece of goodness.

here’s what’s left after you devour the fruit.

those of you who know me know i’m not a play with your food kind of mom, but this one, well, who could help it.

looks like a nasty road rash, doesn’t it?

and for anyone who might be wondering… we’ve eaten no durian. it’s not in season now. and for that i thank God. cuz that fruit stinks. big time. smells alot like something i could never and would never put in my mouth.

8 thoughts on “rambutan

  1. Sounds like fun…you know me I’ll eat just about anything at least twice but between your description of durian and the one on orangutan island I think that it falls just outside the category of just about anything!

    it stinks, alot, i’ve heard it described as tasting all banana pudding-y, with pineapple and strawberry and other things all mixed in, oh, and a hint of garlic. but, that has to be a lie. because it stinks. the smell is reminiscent of a 33 day old dirty diaper, that has been left in the heat and kept moist. only probably a little worse.

  2. I love litchee and jack fruit, but husband loves durian. Especially durian milkshakes. I have a friend that will bring him durian and apologize to me while doing it. A friend in Thailand sent me a subway (or some form of public transit) picture that says no durian allowed. Apparently Westerners aren’t the only ones who think it stinks!

    I found your website from the married to the ministry blogroll at the preacher’s wife blog. I am much better at reading and commenting on blogs than I am on writing on my own, but if you would like to learn more about me my blog is californiaswellwateredgarden.blogspot.com

    It is fun to find another friend in Thailand!

    we were at the empress hotel in chiang mai not long ago and they had durian free sign. that gets top marks from me!! i might try it when it comes back in season, so i can, you know, say i’ve tried it. but i’m not sure how important that really is.

  3. you guys are always having fun!

    that’s because the little bit of crazy it took to get us here just keeps on giving!!:)

  4. LOL love the last pix.

    ng, i keep waiting for c14 to have picture remorse and ask me to remove that pic. 😉

  5. PS: love the new look. Talk about fancy!

    ng, thanks. i’m enjoying it very much myself!

  6. you can go into hotels and other business establishments and see “no durian” signs. cuz they stink. have you tried it? i bet you have. maybe mom will while she’s here…🙂

  7. Never tried it. I did by some durian candy last time I was in Singapore. It is always great to give a piece to unsuspecting office visitors. 🙂

    isn’t that mighty welcoming of you!

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