we need a fix

it seems google thinks we’re thai.  which means any and all things google related – like blogspot – think we’re thai.  we’re not thai.  we can’t even read thai.  which is a problem.  because we can’t read any of the clickable spots.  not even the one that might be the one that we should click to get all things google to produce text in english.  i am now reaching out to the smartest person i know – ahem, that would be you – for help.  please.

oh, and kind of the same, but not really, msn seems to think i’m spanish.  anything msn related comes up in spanish for me.  i never should have claimed to be trilingual.

7 thoughts on “we need a fix

  1. you know…why don’t you try…bwahahaha yo know I am not very helpful when it comes to anything like this!!! Sorry!!!

    winey, that’s as far as i’ve gotten… and i think the spanish thing is just out of spite.

  2. This is going to be of no help, but my Google does that to me now and then, but in Russian. You can try to copy the URL of the foreign sites and paste it in to the Language Tools section on Google….there is a web page translator at the bottom of the page, that’s what I do.

    i think that’s what is so frustrating is that it only sometimes speaks thai. not every time. dumb google.

  3. From what I can tell, if you go to the Blogger/Blogspot page, right at the top, righthand corner, there’s a drop-down menu that allows you to change the language. The Google page has a “English” link.

    blogger is speaking english!! thanks.

  4. Have you tried setting up a Google account and logging in before using the Google network? When I was in Paraguay, the login page for Gmail was in Spanish. Once I logged in, everything went to English. If you can create an English account, I bet Google is smart enough to take care of the rest once you are logged in.

    john – that’s what has me boggled. we set our google accounts up when we lived in the states. but computers are smart and all that and they talk to the other techy things and ours went and told something who told something who told google we now lived in thailand. maybe i should ground my computer from 0s and 1s. might take care of that. 😉

  5. Wait, I just found an easier fix for you …. From the Google page, select the Preferences link that is just to the right of the search box. That lets you select an interface language. In English, there are three links, Advanced Search, Preferences, and Language Tools in that order. Does that help?

    john, thanks!!! we did this and…. my husband’s computer did what was expected of it and went back to english. mine, well, it must be pouting of something because it’s being stubborn. however, all things blogger have turned back to english and the only thing not there is when i search, my results are partly in thai. so an improvement! thanks again.

  6. Check and see if you computer has privacy settings that may be limiting Google’s ability to place a cookie on your computer. How to do that will depend on what browser you use. Your computer may be set up to not let Google store your preferences for future use.

    john, thanks. that seems to have done the trick!! you really do know tech stuff. 😉

  7. phew! thank goodness. I am ashamed as someone who is employed to know stuff like this I don’t actually. For yonks my iphone went to google.co.uk until I realised I had the settings set for UK. Doh.

    technology is way too smart… mensa will be calling it soon. 😉

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