haiku friday – it’s hot


one hundred and five
does temperature justice
forty not so much

it is not simple
to convert temp-er-a-tures
far’nheit to metric


i know this conversion can be done in my head. i even have the formulas written down and i’m willing to share. fahrenheit to celsius: subtract thirty, then halve. celsius to fahrenheit: double, then add thirty. it’s not perfect, but it’s close*. i know, it doesn’t look that hard. but i’m math challenged. ask my 14 year old – who i can’t help at all with math. it confuses me. truth be told, it hurts my head.

*here are the real, actual, more precise formulas (when you do the calculations right)

fahrenheit (f) to celsius (c) c = (f – 32) / 1.8
celsius (c) to fahrenheit (f) f = c * 1.8 + 32

22 thoughts on “haiku friday – it’s hot

  1. Okay, I’m impressed that you were able to make any kind of poem out of farenheit/celsius conversion. I’m thinking it may even be the very first one ever!

    Yeah, I can’t do that kind of conversion either…all I know is 105 is too damn hot girl!

    amen to that!

  2. yeah, Snow… fantastic, really over it mid-April. haven’t had much though. yeah, i’m useless in math. i still count on fingers. oH will have to take on that burden. man, I can color though!!

    yes, and you color very well!! and i think you should embrace the snow. because i know come august you’ll be wishing for it!

  3. HA! I love it. There aren’t too many haikus written about metric conversions. Happy Friday!

    thanks, wright! i’m a bit obsessed with metric conversion right now…

  4. I love haiku! How creative! Although it is way too early for me to do math this morning. I have a hard enough time when I’m not sleepy. 😉

    i think it’s always too early for math!

  5. Converting always gets me, too! LOL

    i remember when we tried to go metric in the states. it seemed so crazy to me then. but now i just think how much easier my life would be…

  6. making. my. head. hurt.


    Yeah, if it is hot enough for me to be sweating the second I step out of the shower, it shouldn’t read 40!

    Love this one.

    thanks, mama db! 40 to me means comfy sweatshirt – not uncomfortable swealter!!

  7. Anne + Math = Bad

    Happy Friday. 🙂

    oh, now that’s a math problem i could solve. of course, you can substitute me for anne and get the same answer.

  8. Fun Haiku about something that puzzles me, too, even though I’m in Canada a lot, where all is metric. I think the U.S. will join the rest of the world someday, and then no more conversions will need to be made. Viola! End of problem. 🙂

    By the way, I LOVE your header. Classy!

    joyce, thanks, i’m having my pregrand new header show today, i think it’s pretty snazzy myself!! i was in elementary school when the us tried to go metric. they didn’t try very hard.

  9. Living in the South, I know my time is coming… soon… and I dread it. I hope you have A/C over there, and lots of ice for chinkling drinks – just the sound makes me cooler.

    one of my least favorite things is to open the freezer and find empty ice trays! it seems the step of pouring filtered water into the ice trays is one too many. oh, and we have aircon only in 3 of 4 bedrooms. and in none of the living areas.

  10. My dad always loves to remind me that he knows these conversions by heart… mind you in the time it takes for him to work it out these days I’ve found the answer using the internet 😉

    marylin – i’ve added the google widget to my google home page to make it easier for me. it converts it faster than i can remember the formula!! and my cell phone has a converter, too. love technology!

  11. I know you don’t have an oven, but I finally posted a cheat sheet next to mine for the temps.
    That is hot, wish we could spread things around like heat for some (me), snow (you) and water for others (CO). Then we could all be comfortable without droughts. What a minute, I think that comes later in paradise. I guess we’ll have to wait.

    oh, paradise. feel better just knowing it’s coming! and we actually saw an oven today, reasonably priced, but i can’t even think of baking in this heat.

  12. Marvelously done!
    Making ‘complex’ simple with
    ‘mental math’ … haiku’d!

    Hugs and blessings,

    thanks! i do think my brain has finally melted, because this mental math is impossible.

  13. Hot. In any measurement. I don’t do the math thing, and the whole time I was living in Japan, I had trouble converting in my head. I wish I’d read your post then 🙂 Stay cool.

    someone told me the other day, that anything over 30 was hot. and i can’t get out of my head that 30 is below freezing!!

    and my scale is a little higher, i think 35 is when we’ve hit hot.

  14. wow, i’m very very impressed, my dear! i think it’s a first — metric conversions and haiku! lol

    that’s like both sides of the mind coming together… hadn’t thought about that.

  15. Color me impressed! All I know is E=MC². 🙂

    i only know that e-mc2 – i don’t know how to get my 2 to be like your 2 – but i don’t remember at all what it means. something einstien-y, perhaps?

  16. Thanks for coming by to visit me. I love that you’ve combined math and haiku. I don’t look forward to the 40C, but I will be glad when the 40F is behind us for a few months. =)

    i know the feeling of being glad for the cold to go… i’m not sure i ever meant for it to go forever!

  17. Great post! I love the math – never could figure the conversion… Woke to another inch of snow this morning… Warm sounds really good to me!

    tumble – “i’ll tumble for ya, i’ll tumble for ya….” sorry about that. i remember the first wearing of the flip flops after a long winter. of course, it was still usually a while before the snow boots could be put away! i hope you get plenty of warm sunny days very soon!!

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