compassion international part deux

tomorrow, april 19, at 2 pm a twelve year old boy from mongolia will be having surgery in chiang mai, thailand to remove a tumor from his leg. i would like to share his story, or at least the part i know.

his name is zolo and this past december he fell at school and broke his upper left femur (we were told a medical name for this break, but i don’t remember it.) during one of his exams the drs. discovered a tumor that was destroying the bone, it had already caused his left leg to be shorter than his right. they biopsied and determined it was cancerous. the treatment the medical professionals in mongolia recommended was amputation of his left leg. there was no where for the family to go for second opinions or to research other options.

the first i heard of zolo was when my husband returned from a pastor’s conference he attended in mongolia in march. attending this conference were many pastors and missionaries serving in mongolia and a few compassion international employees. some of the mongolian pastors took a couple of the compassion employees to visit some families, zolo’s was one of them. the compassion employees heard his story and knew that something more should be done. and they didn’t just think something more should be done, they didn’t just talk about how something more should be done, they did something more. they researched options. found that in chiang mai, thailand this family might be able to get some other answers. they chose chiang mai because of the low cost of high quality medical care. compassion is paying for this boy’s medical treatment. he has been at the hospital in chiang mai for a week. another biopsy was done at this hospital and they determined that this tumor is benign, however it is still damaging his bone. today, our family went to the hospital to visit zolo, his mom and their translator. the translator shared with us that for the church they attend a miracle is happening. this is a small church and zolo’s crisis is the first of this kind that this church has faced. and they are witnessing how God will move mountains for one boy. one month ago, this family had no other options. one month ago, this little boy had a diagnosis that was life threatening. one month ago, this family and this church were praying for God’s provision. tomorrow, this 12 year old boy will undergo a surgery that will remove this tumor and strengthen his leg.

from zolo’s translator we also learned that world vision covered the cost of airfare for zolo, his mom and their translator. tomorrow, please pray for zolo, his family and the medical staff that is involved in his care.  the surgery is at 2pm, april 19th, bangkok time.

4 thoughts on “compassion international part deux

  1. I hope the lord is with this child!

    Kaylee, thanks. i will post an update when i have one.

  2. this post gave me chills. praising God with you that people ACTED on this child’s behalf instead of strategized…

    Will be praying for Zolo’s recovery and for God to be made famous in the process!


    i agree. it is so wonderful to see the body of Christ in action!

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