sawadii pii mai

thailand is in the middle of their songkran celebration – which is the thai new year – and party animals that we are we had to get into the middle of it. so we loaded up the family in the car and headed for the moat. actually, we headed out to find parking and then made our way to the moat. now, we had been warned that it was a bit of a moist celebration, but we weren’t exactly prepared for the soaking we got.

we left the rear windows to the car open intentionally so the kids could get a sample of the party.

our first taste of the trouble to come.

a11 recieved a shampoo – no joke. they wet, applied shampoo, lathered and rinsed. we were very glad they didn’t give a hair cut, too.

when we finally made it to the moat, here’s what we saw. and the real water fight began.

the first thing we did was hop in one of these little jobs – it’s a tuk-tuk, with the top taken off.

and it was decked out with it’s own barrel of water and a few smaller buckets so we could throw it on those in the beds of trucks, other tuk-tuks, and people just standing on the sidewalk. the only problem with this scenario is that there was so much water being thrown in at us we could barely manage to throw any water out. i think farangs – (a)in a topless tuk-tuk (b)that is not moving at all – are really sitting targets. and one other important thing about this water – it was ice water, freezing cold ice water.

after an hour in the tuk-tuk we were ready to head home. but we still had about an hour to walk to get back to the car.

as we were walking we were able to get some good pics of the water fight on the other side of the moat.

those folks aren’t fishing, they are gathering water to hurl on to the people in the trucks, tuk-tuks, and riding on motorbikes.

as we were making our way around the moat, bh and the kids found the energy to conquer the walls of the old city.

our camera’s both took a beating during this outing. we tried to protect them in plastic bags, but still they got a little damp. so, the pictures end here. and niether of us captured the stupidest thing i’ve done since arriving in thailand.

bh and the kids had gone to get drinks and i was waiting on the sidewalk when a truck pulled over. and out climbed some lovely young people with a container of red water – it looked more like red koolaid – and they wanted me to take a drink. having read somewhere something about it being rude not to added to the fact that i just really, really want to be liked, my knee jerk reaction was okay, sure, give me some of that. it took me no time at all to notice that my only option was to drink from the straws that were in the container. it took a very small sip for me to realize this was a tad bit whole heck of a lot stronger than red water or even koolaid. and they were absolutely tickled that i partook of what was probably some roofie laden cocktail.

and thus ended our first songkran. fun was had by all and we are all completely exhausted.

s8 has declared it the second best holiday ever. coming in right after his birthday.

you can read bh’s songkran story here (the last pic he has is my absolute favorite, it’s s8 enjoying all the fun!) and a11’s take on songkran here.

7 thoughts on “sawadii pii mai

  1. Yay! something positive for S8. Glad you had fun. Interesting tradition.

    we were told that if we headed into the villages nearby we could experience a traditional songkran. the one in chiang mai has been a bit warped because of the farang influence, but we’re not complaining. we had a blast!

  2. It looks fun! I love it is a holiday and has nothing to do with shopping or buying stuff, just silly fun! You drank the koolaid ok that scares me a bit! But it is so great to see the kids having fun.

    i know, i know, the koolaid thing has me a bit freaked out, too. it really was a very small sip, but i’m now on the look out for any thing that could come from it. what was i thinking??

  3. *love* that first photo:
    surprise and glee
    gorgeous, what a fab day X

    it was definitely been of the best family days we’ve had since we’ve been here!

  4. My friend was in Thailand last year for the festival and last week at the coffee shop near me, this guy was selling the most amazing photographs from his visit last year. It looks like a lot of fun.

    it was a blast. and even though we’re in the middle of the hot season, it might be worth it to suffer through the heat to visit during the songkran!

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